A webinar’s true success lies in feature-rich free webinar software


New-age free video conferencing solutions have recently flooded the global market by breaking down barriers of traditional business operations and enhancing communication services to the public. These online webinar services offer free video conferencing services that emphasize timely service and enhanced software capability to businesses and personal users. Many vendors also operate as ‘infrastructure-less’ service partners to provide scalable, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to their users. Their use of cloud-based services provide video access anytime, anywhere, be it from conference rooms, executive offices, remote offices, or mobile devices. Mobility explosion combined with growing demand for video and social media, has led to richer forms of web collaboration. In addition, personal video conferencing is making enterprises more video-ready.

To ensure that a seminar runs professionally, companies providing webinar services offer feature-rich, free webinar software using state of the art technology. After SMEs create a free account with a webinar company, its features are tested instantly at the launch of their webinar. With some software, there is a quick integration with conferencing lines, topped with fast screen sharing, thus making it a robust and reliable software service as the integrated analytics data enables to optimize the webinar session in real-time. In addition, free webinar software allows screen and application sharing along with messaging, VoIP and polling support, with an option to record webinars. Finally, handy social media integration allows sharing the recorded sessions on different social networks.
Screen sharing is one feature that helps with business growth.

Online meetings have become a maxim of modern business, as the most important meetings take place online with attendees viewing a common computer screen. When it comes to online meeting software, whether it’s looking for simple screen sharing to produce a PowerPoint deck or seeking collaboration tools for deeper interaction, chances are there’s a Web app to satisfy anyone’s needs and budget. Some software is highly sophisticated and full-featured, wherein the organizer can set up a meeting with a single click in the app. Other webinar software offers multiple sharing options—desktop, application, file, and whiteboard—as well as webcam, computer or phone-line audio. Webinar participants can be invited by email, phone call, or SMS text message. Participants also have the ability to record meetings and upload results to a meeting space with the help of related files to get the most out of their webinar experiences.


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New free technology tool for better communications- Web Conferencing

Saving Money


Globally competitive businesses constantly look to streamline their operations, reduce costs and boost productivity. Business meetings are infamous for being time consuming, costly, and inefficient endeavors, which has driven many companies to consider smart conferencing tools to improve their internal and external communications. The most widely utilized free technology tool to improve business-to-business communications is free web conferencing.

Often used for lectures, presentations, and webinars for larger groups of people, web conferences are designed for individuals to easily join from their desktop. Depending on the solution, web conferencing has either two-way audio capabilities or one-way audio for the presenter. With web conferencing, one is able to conduct live meetings with multiple participants over the Internet, which helps close communication gaps between business-to-business operations.

The visuals of virtual meetings are displayed in a window on the participants’ computer screens while the audio is transmitted by telephone or over the Internet. Web conferences also allow specific applications or entire desktop images to be shown, such as presenting an Excel worksheet or demonstrating a software product.

Online Webinar

As far as SMEs are concerned, web conferences save money by cutting back expensive business travel costs. Web connectivity is structured and encourages meetings to start and end on time and stick to the subject. One has complete control over the content and execution. The result is that web conferencing accomplishes more in less time. While there are initial costs, ROI is usually swift.

In contrast to a conference call, a live, online video meeting allows participants to see facial expressions and body language, thus making meetings feel more personal and familiar. Web conferencing software can also record and archive material, which allows important meetings and key information to be documented. One can manage meeting notification and registration on-line.

There’s another equally effective tool that consists of two-way video and audio transmission. Its equipment is designed for conference rooms and meant for groups at two locations as opposed to individual usage from their desktop. If a meeting needs to be conducted between two different locations, video conferencing is most frequently used. This is due to web conferencing applications adding two-way video capabilities and video conferencing solutions including the ability to share content and present. When trying to decide which conferencing tool to use, businesses can ask themselves: What types of meetings will be conducted? How many people/locations will be participating? Will people be joining these meetings from a conference room, desktop, mobile? Are people or content the focus? What do you want your collaboration solution to accomplish?

The ultimate effectiveness of the tools only comes to play once enterprises determine which collaboration technology tool- web or video conferencing makes the most sense for their specific business needs.

Nowadays, any computer with a webcam, tablet, or Smartphone can be a front-end to services that offer low-cost or free video conferencing and free web conferencing functionality. web conferencing opens the door to a number of possibilities to make business operations and communication tactics simpler. In a nutshell, web conferencing is a smart tool to conduct business.


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Featured Webinar Host: Author Jim Dempsey

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.16.05 AM

Host of the upcoming webinar: Putting Parents in Their Place

Register for Putting Parents in Their Place. Friday, October 24, 2014, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CDT)

Jim Dempsey

Family Pastor and Children’s Minister in Austin, TX. Author of Parenting UnChained-Overcoming the Ten Deceptions that Shackle Christian Parents. I’m passionate about helping Christian parents create a “Deuteronomy 6″ culture in their homes.

You’re an author. Can you tell us about your book?

The book’s title, Parenting Unchained, reflects the freedom that parents can experience IF they understand the way Satan tries to deceive them. You can’t avoid the pitfalls you don’t see!

What was the motivation for writing the book?Jim

I felt that the Bible has much more to say about parenting than the few verses that speak specifically to parents. I saw in God’s interaction with the nation of Israel, and in Jesus’s interaction with the disciples, many great lessons on how to parent, so those lessons are explained. But most of all, I want Christian parents to avoid the parenting mistakes I made so that Christ becomes real to the next generation.You are self published.

What has that been like?

I was blessed to be able to publish under the banner of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, so in some ways the process was similar to traditional publishing. Working with them gave me the ability to put their logo on the spine, which brings credibility. They provided the cover artist and interior designer, plus advice on formatting. Dr. Scott Turansky of the NCBP provided the ‘tough love’ editing I needed to improve the book. I’m very grateful to him and proud to be associated with the NCBP.

Let’s shift to your upcoming webinar with Pajama Hub.

What will we learn in your webinar?

Because churches need to involve and train parents, I try to promote close interaction between parents and children’s ministry workers. Participants will learn essential attitudes and actions kidmin workers must cultivate in order to involve parents. You have to make these connections and build relationship before you can train them.

Who should register for your webinar and why?

Anyone involved in children’s ministry, including senior pastors, children’s ministers and teachers will benefit. Parents are the key to developing the next generation of spiritual champions, so we need to connect with parents and form partnerships with them. A great way to start is to get them involved in the ministry to children at church.

Where can we find your book?

On Amazon.

Where can we find your website or contact you?

Website: http://d6culture.comContact: http://d6culture.com/wordpress1/contact-us/

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Featured Webinar: Putting Parents in Their Place, with PajamaHub

BigMarker’s Featured Webinar for 10/9/2014 is:


Putting Parents in Their Place, with PajamaHub and author Jim Dempsey.


The free webinar will take place at: Friday, October 24, 2014, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CDT)


Webinar description:

Learn how to partner with parents through your children’s ministry. Participants will learn the right attitude teachers and staff need to have in order to draw parents into active ministry at home, and at your church. They’ll learn five key steps to take to move parents from uninvolved to involved in spiritual training at home and in your ministry.

Webinar with PajamaHub


This free webinar will cover:
  • Honoring parents as their child’s experts
  • Honoring parents as their child’s experts
  • Bringing parents into ministry in a manageable way


Presented by PajamaHub


Pajama Hub’s main focus is to educate ministry leaders! Learn more


Featured Presenters


Children’s Pastor and Media Director at Bethel Harvest Church in Nicholasville, KY and Founder of PajamaHub.com



Family Pastor and Children’s Minister in Austin, TX. Author of Parenting UnChained-Overcoming the Ten Deceptions that Shackle Christian Parents. I’m passionate about helping Christian parents create a “Deuteronomy 6″ culture in their homes.

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DoctoralNet helps doctoral candidates finish their dissertations.  In the last two years, DoctoralNet has been able to help hundreds of doctoral candidates through the use of BigMarker’s webinar platform. From the UK, Dr. E. Alana James, Ed.D is able to connect with anyone in the world: from the USA and Canada, to Australia and New Zealand. Dr. James graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University with a degree in educational leadership, Alana keeps the visions rolling out as she works with the doctoral students, the graduates advisory council, and the growing team of international professors, all of whom are working together to push back on what may be the greatest travesty in higher education: a 50% Doctoral rate of graduation.  She has advised or been a reader on over 30 doctoral students who are now graduates. To read more about her and her own personal dissertation experience, go HERE.

As the community states: “No ABD’s Here! “All but dissertation” is not an option for this dedicated group of professors and doctoral candidates, sharing their ideas, knowledge and feedback to help everyone finish faster. Our mission is graduation for all at doctoralnet.com.” “Closely tied to the website at www.doctoralnet.com, this community is run by professors who have learned through years of helping doctoral candidates graduate that there are certain topics which need to be discussed. Our conferences are a great time to get all your questions answered.”

You can see the DoctoralNet community on BigMarker here.


Here are some DoctoralNet’s recordings:


 How to Cite Sources Using APA Style



How to cite sources using APA style. Learn and apply the basic rules of this referencing style. Discover the “mysteries” of the most used referencing style.


How to Acknowledge Sources in Your Thesis/Dissertation



What you should know about citing sources in your study. How you can avoid plagiarism. Examples in different referencing styles.


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