How can you nurture leads by marketing webinars?

Webinars are a great method for both generating and to nurture leads. Promotion before a webinar, social media sharing after and connecting continually during a webinar event ensure a great method to expand your reach. On platforms such as BigMarker, lead generation through webinars is even more effective with the ability of communities. A community is a group on BigMarker where you engage your audience. You can share updates, poll the members, and post articles and files relating to the community’s topic. In a community, you have the capability to share an event before and continue the conversation after.

Generating leads

  • Email invitationsEmailing contacts is a way to generate leads.

Once you have developed a community and chosen a webinar topic, you need people to attend. By importing contacts and sending personalized email invitations will generate leads. By providing a direct link to your sign-up page, you will grow your potential attendees.


  • ContentContent is a very important part for specifying lead generation.

The content of your webinar and your community homepage is very important. What your organization is promoting changes the demographics of your audience. Knowing your audience is the first step, but specifying your content is secondly and equally important to generating leads. 


  • Sharing via social mediaSocial media is a powerful tool for lead generation.

Utilizing social media is a must when it comes to lead generation. Once you have discovered the content you will cover, targeting a certain audience is important. Connecting with people with similar interest to you and your upcoming webinar is a great way to gain new members. Sharing/posting/tweeting a link to your sign-up page will help promote your event and expand your reach.


Nurture leads

  • Chat with community membersOnline chat helps nurture leads.

In a community homepage or in a webinar event, you have the ability to chat with other members. This provides an easy way for all the members to stay connected. In addition, the community organizer can post an impromptu message for some quick feedback. Staying connected with your members is feature to nurture leads.


  • Connect globally.Webinars allow nurturing leads by connecting globally.

Webinars are extremely convenient for global companies. With the ability to host meetings online from different continents, your organization or company will stay productive. Connecting with members across the globe with ease is beneficial to nurture leads.


  • Keep track of members.Tracking member participation is beneficial for nurturing leads.

As a community organizer, you have the ability to track your members activity in your community. This will help you nurture leads by knowing your audience on a deeper level and assisting them specifically. You have the ability to track attendance and participation in your community and individual webinars.


Webinars are very beneficial for generating as well as keeping track of members and to nurture leads. Interesting in hosting a webinar? Wondering how one can promote their webinar once it has occurred? Check out some of our other articles for more information.

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Webinar facts

Webinars and video conferencing are increasing in popularity among companies and organizations. They provide convenient, time and distance friendly meetings that help you save money. While they are similar in their purpose, webinars and video conferences differ in their statistics (not in a bad way!) There are some very interesting facts about video conferences, but there are also many beneficial and interesting webinar facts.

Webinar facts

After some research, we developed a list of some interesting webinar facts that will make you want to go host a webinar today!

  • 68% of companies host webinars every month.
  • On average, at least 2 countries were represented in the webinars studied (54 countries is the record!).
    Webinar facts include that 64% will register the week of your event.
  • Studies show that members will register the week of your live event (64%).
  • Promoting your webinar is very important. The best time to promote is 1 week before with an invitation, 2 days before with a reminder email and 2 hours before with another reminder.
  • Roughly 42% of the members you invite will attend. Stay positive and keep promoting!

Some webinar facts show how important a recording is.

  • 25% of registrants will view a recorded version of your webinar. Remember to record your event!
  • The most popular time to host a webinar is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between noon and 3pm.


The benefits of hosting a webinar or video conference are outstanding. If these numbers don’t help you decide to host your own webinar, “Why you should host a webinar” will give you the final nudge!

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How to use webinars for virtual learning

Virtual learning can be very successful and useful if produced in the right manner. One way that can make online learning extremely convenient are webinars. Webinars offer features that directly correlate to a virtual learning experience. Features such as screen sharing, document uploading and video chat help the teacher present a personalized virtual learning experience. In addition to many online features, presenters (teachers/coaches in this situation) have the ability to host large webinars, collaborative web conferences or individual meetings with students.

On BigMarker, we have many virtual learning communities. From online piano and vocal lessons to math presentations to life coaching and learning a second language, webinars have assisted several learning/teaching communities.

One of our virtual learning communities, Global Math Department.

Global Math Department

With almost 1000 members, the Global Math Department is one example how virtual learning has benefited many. This is a group that hosts webinars focusing on topics in math. Some of their most attended webinars including topics on factoring, transformulas and the pythagorean theory. Click on each word to view a recording of that past webinar or sign up for upcoming events here.


DoctoralNet has benefitted from virtual learning on BigMarker.

Another high traffic community is DoctoralNet, a community closely affiliated with This community is a “dedicated group of professors and doctoral candidates, sharing their ideas, knowledge and feedback to help doctoral candidates finish faster.” Some webinars this community has hosted in the past include “How to Acknowledge your Sources,” “How to discuss your findings,” and “How to understand Academic Writing.” This community in particular has greatly grown since implementing webinars in their virtual learning experience. In fact, their customer base has grown 50% in the past 6 months since using the BigMarker platform.

More on virtual learning

On BigMarker, there are over 1000 communities in the learning category (something is working!). The features that BigMarker offers make virtual learning a very convenient and useful experience. The ease the presenters have during webinars to share their information makes virtual teaching hands on. In addition to webinars, the community home pages on BigMarker allow these groups to continue virtual learning. With the ability to take polls, ask questions to the entire community and keep up the conversation, these communities have seen great success.

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How webinars help with business growth

Business growth is a long process. However, with the right tools and opportunities growing your business can be a smooth journey. Webinars are a increasingly popular method for expanding your audience and growing your organization. By generating leads and growing your audience, webinars help you reach a larger amount of people. With the ability to promote your webinar before the event and share a recording after, a webinar has many features to help with business growth.

Reaching a larger audience

BigMarker allows you to send out invitations to grow your viewing audience before.

One way in which a webinar can help with business growth is by expanding your audience. Before webinars occur, you need to promote your event. By utilizing social media to promote your webinar you reach many different audiences. To maximize your reach:

  1. Invite members that you know have an interest in the topic.
  2. Ask them to share the event (if the webinar is public) on their social media accounts.

This will help share your webinars coverage through members social media. Another way of promotion is to provide a link to the sign up page. (People like accessibility, providing a direct link is the most effective.)

BigMarker gives you the option to sell tickets for business growth.


Growing revenue

Webinars, although most often free, have the feature of charging for entry. Some organizers choose to charge member fees or have members pay per individual event. This is tricky, but can be very effective in growing revenue. The fact that many webinars are free for viewing is what makes them growingly popular. Therefore, charging for a viewing may discourage sign-ups. However, once you have a strong following and a stable audience, charging admission for more important or private webinars is a great way to increase revenue!



Basic features of webinars for business growth.

Generating leads

Webinars are a great method for generating leads. Since you have the ability to share the recording and send invitations, you are greatly increasing your lead generation.

Improve productivity

Webinars have been proven to increase productivity of employees and businesses. With global companies, employees don’t have to travel to seminars and conferences across the world. This increases employee productivity because it saves time and money and allows more time for work. When you have a reputation of happy employees and a productive workspace, business growth will follow.

Features of webinars that help with business growth.


Expand content marketing

Webinars are a gateway to business growth especially through content marketing. Content is king. Luckily, webinars are the perfect platform for your business specific content. With features such as screen sharing, uploading documents and presentations, as well as audio and video chat, your content will greatly be available.

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Keep your online community active

BigMarker is an online webinar and conferencing platform that allows organizations to gather and share information online. There are many communities on BigMarker. A community is a group of people with common interests that can share presentations, chat, host video conferences and webinars and communicate within their group. Communities are great options for new and growing organizations. An online community at BigMarker helps connect the members in the group and can help grow your member base as well.

Once you have a community, keeping it active is the next step. An active community is a self-sustaining community. This means that all the members are actively involved and work with each other often. Continually sharing new information, hosting webinars and commenting on other member’s additions are some ways to be an active member in an active community.

Below is a presentation that was shown on the “How to keep your community active” webinar, hosted by The BigForum community. This community is an open place for BigMarker Members to ask questions and share ideas. This presentation provides 5 pieces of advice on how to keep your community as active as possible

Now that you know how to keep your community active, host webinars to include all your members on new information. Learn what a webinar is to implement them in your community. In addition to webinars, video conferences are great for collaborating on ideas in your community. Learn how to host a video conference here!
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