Your Guide to Webinars and Video Conferences

The evolution of technology has immensely impacted the way most businesses function today. Greater efficiencies have kicked in with facilities like video conferences and webinars. Not only do these technologies benefit businesses but students and independent professionals are also able to utilize the vast array of available tech resources. Technology simply helps people connect with peers and be a part of seminars and conferences from their own home or office, sharing exactly the same experience of a real, face-to-face interaction. Technology now allows you to share the same screens, white boards and presentations during your video conference or webinar to help participants equally contribute to the discussion. Such technology is not just about comfort but also facilitates auto-record options with which you can record the conference and share it with the participants for future reference or quality audits. free webinar hostingThe best part about live streaming is that your audience doesn’t have to download an app to attend your webinar. Presenters may have to download Java to share their screens but the process remains highly efficient all the same. Are you ready to host your next conference from the comfort of your own home or office? All you’ve got to do is sign up for an account and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Give your webinar or conference a name that all the participants can use to join the session.
  • In the description, mention the purpose of the webinar/conference and the objectives that you aim to achieve. Also mention a brief about the host of the webinar/conference.
  • Mention the date and time of the session, allowing the interested participants to book into their schedule.
  • Upload all the documents that you’ll need during the webinar/conference.
  • Once you’ve submitted all the details, copy the registration link that you receive.
  • Share the link with all the participants that you’d like to invite and you’re sorted.


While your webinar/conference is live, be prepared to experience exactly what a real, face to face seminar or conference would be like. You’ll see yourself taking your audiences through those presentations, documents, forms and links, just as if it were the real thing. You’ll also find yourself being taken through a smooth Q&A round, as the participants are able to ask questions via texts or voice so you’ll be able to address each one with ease. Ultimately, technology makes the “real” experience a lot better!

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Featured Webinar Host: Kara Smith of Ideal Work Lab



How to Use the “Design Habit” to Ignite Your Job Search with Kara Smith

Tuesday, December 9, 2014, from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM (CST)


About the presenter: Kara Smith is a work strategist, educator, consultant, and founder of the Ideal Work Lab project. She’s a working mother and Deloitte alumni who believes we do our BEST work when we align work with our life.


A brief interview with featured presenter Kara Smith: 

What is your upcoming webinar about?

One of the most frequent questions I hear is “I want to change my work but am not sure what to do next – I feel overwhelmed”.   I understand this feeling.  We don’t want to leave the security of our current job for an unknown risk right?  Or, maybe we are unemployed and we want to build our job search muscles to get back into the unknown job market. 

 The upcoming December webinar will show people a simple way to design their IDEAL work & life using their inner wisdom and talents & skills.  You will create your job search compass and the start of your focused strategy.

Who should attend this webinar? And why?
Who? The ideal conference attendee is someone who is looking to make a change in work.  You might be a mom going back to work after maternity leave, you might be an MBA student with anxiety about getting hired and doing work you will enjoy, you might be a mid-career professional ready to get promoted or looking for a new job outside your current organization but you feel overwhelmed.   

Why? In 60 minutes, you will learn how to use the “Design Habit” to bring more clarity and confidence in your job search.  This will remove all other job search clutter and you have a personalized plan on where/how to make the most difference to land your IDEAL work. 

This is a series, correct? How do you see the series helping people going forward?
Yes, this is a series that will launch approx. every month.  The series will be based on 13 years of research and data around two areas:  1) building your job search “muscle” in the new economy, and 2) building the work & life habits that REALLY matter and will make a meaningful difference for you.

Can you let us know a little about yourself? How did you get into helping people with their work?

Since completing my masters in HR, I’ve worked in leadership roles in human resources, recruiting, and learning & development with Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Whirlpool, and Deloitte. My HR professional experiences include interviewing 500+ college, mid-level and executive level job candidates. I became Master Certified on how to interview for ‘Top-Talent’, and coached leaders on how to interview and select the best talent for their teams.

Now all these years later, I have noticed a few patterns, learned shortcuts from mentors, and adapted methods that even landed me IDEAL work at a highly competitive consulting company during the tough job market in 2010.

I started to share these insights over the years to job seeker friends to help them in their job search.  I integrated my own personal job search mistakes and successes and combined my professional experience in corporate recruiting.  People most appreciate that I bring insider corporate HR leadership experience on what makes the difference between ‘hire’ and a ‘no-hire’ candidate decisions. 

This knowledge, expertise & research is simplified into what I call: the Ideal Work Lab Method. This is the framework and guide that is part of the curriculum in the Learning Lab and will integrated into future webinars. 


 What it been like starting The Ideal Work Lab? How are you hoping to help people long term?

I started the Ideal Work Lab because I want to help professionals at all levels shift through work transitions with ease.  My focus is to make job search less serious and more fun, to make job search simple, and really help people see what is possible for them in their work & life. 

I want people to LOVE going for interviews (even just LIKE would be fine too).  Rather than fear the job search, people are excited to share how they can serve their current team or company in a new way, or they can market themselves for an external job opportunity with some gusto. 

I want people to feel energized with clarity & confidence about changing their job or company rather than feel overwhelmed with anxiety about the unknown.  And for those mid-career professionals (like me) who are challenged with the demands of work & life, I want to continue to research and help people integrate work & life habits into their daily routine that align with the proven science of flow energy.  Finally, I want to support MBA students so they can have an edge on landing their IDEAL internship and full-time work opportunities. 

At the lab, more will be shared with community members as I launch great content, tools, and future webinars. 

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Techweek LA Webcast Via BigMarker

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.21.02 PM

BigMarker and Techweek LA partner to offer anyone in the world access to a free, live webcast.


Join us for 42 live webcasts from Techweek LA, bringing So-Cal’s greatest tech conference to your living room via BigMarker.

BigMarker and Techweek announced a partnership with Techweek offering free, live coverage of Techweek Los Angeles to a global audience. This event will be the first ever to be hosted using WebRTC, a browser-based technology that has been built out using a proprietary methodology and can be accessed directly from the BigMarker site.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.48.08 PM


Featuring a 2-day technology conference and expo, startup competitions, and a ton of great panel discussions and keynote speakers, Techweek LA is designed to give you many opportunities to learn and explore with the tech community.

Learn what you need to know to succeed in tech from hundreds of top speakers, interact live with Q&A, and engage with a community of peers from around the world in the Techweek LA Webcast.

“This partnership presents an exciting opportunity for us,” said Zhu­Song Mei, BigMarker Founder and CEO. “Just as it is Techweek’s mission to enable innovation ecosystems, BigMarker aims to provide tools that facilitate both collaboration and conversation that drives innovation. We support Techweek in its mission and are proud to introduce this initiative to bring a global audience access to the incredible content that will take the stage at Techweek LA 2014.”

BigMarker will broadcast all Techweek Los Angeles content free of charge during the conference on November 20-21, 2014 at Virtual attendees can tune in for conversations led by influential leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators such as Adam Goldenberg (Founder & CEO, JustFab), Jane Poynter (CEO, World View Enterprises), Scott Painter (CEO, TrueCar), Elliot Kotek (Co-founder, Not Impossible Labs), and Laura Goldberg (CMO, LegalZoom).

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.53.20 PM

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Efficient and smart video conferencing solutions


We reside in a video centric world, which includes media platforms such as YouTube and Netflix that are used by millions of users in a number of ways. Considering the business world, people are beginning to use videos as a medium to stay connected with their customers and clients. Free video conferencing is one of those mediums.  It offers on premise video conferencing servers and appliances that run inside your network and behind firewall. It is an ideal option for those who wish to control their servers as companies are able to host business meetings simply through conferencing solutions from any part of the world. Put simply, webinar-based video conferencing lets you share your desktop, collaborate your documents and run one-on-one web conferences effectively and efficiently.

One of the major features of video conferencing software is the host/presenter’s ability to share their personal computer screen so that other participants may view the presentation through the host’s perspective.Through this solution, one is able to accomplish any task that one can do in traditional or face-to-face meeting, regardless of the application, software, or any other operating system. These features are particularly useful for the sales and business sectors world.

Some of the easily available and affordable video conferencing solutions have solid features set to allow a large number of people to join a virtual meeting through simultaneous video feeds. These features also enable you to share individual program windows for instant presentations. A virtual whiteboard is a standard feature in most webinar software on web. There are also brilliant surveys to collect information as they allow you to survey the participants before, after, and during the meeting. Finally, one is able to edit their PDFs and videos collaboratively through the webinar software. Participants can join a conference from any web-connected device and conference hosts can record virtual meetings for review afterwards. Such software allows companies to hold meetings on the web while remaining in a private meeting place for those that are invited to attend.

Web Conferences have become a staple in business intercommunication in the world and have made online meeting software a must. Online meetings are an easy medium to bring people together in order to have meetings and discussions. In fact, many companies prefer holding online meeting rather than traditional face-to-face meetings since web meetings have become a critical part of the global business world.


For more information on efficient web conferencing solutions, please click here.

Check out to host a free web conference today!

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A webinar’s true success lies in feature-rich free webinar software


New-age free video conferencing solutions have recently flooded the global market by breaking down barriers of traditional business operations and enhancing communication services to the public. These online webinar services offer free video conferencing services that emphasize timely service and enhanced software capability to businesses and personal users. Many vendors also operate as ‘infrastructure-less’ service partners to provide scalable, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to their users. Their use of cloud-based services provide video access anytime, anywhere, be it from conference rooms, executive offices, remote offices, or mobile devices. Mobility explosion combined with growing demand for video and social media, has led to richer forms of web collaboration. In addition, personal video conferencing is making enterprises more video-ready.

To ensure that a seminar runs professionally, companies providing webinar services offer feature-rich, free webinar software using state of the art technology. After SMEs create a free account with a webinar company, its features are tested instantly at the launch of their webinar. With some software, there is a quick integration with conferencing lines, topped with fast screen sharing, thus making it a robust and reliable software service as the integrated analytics data enables to optimize the webinar session in real-time. In addition, free webinar software allows screen and application sharing along with messaging, VoIP and polling support, with an option to record webinars. Finally, handy social media integration allows sharing the recorded sessions on different social networks.
Screen sharing is one feature that helps with business growth.

Online meetings have become a maxim of modern business, as the most important meetings take place online with attendees viewing a common computer screen. When it comes to online meeting software, whether it’s looking for simple screen sharing to produce a PowerPoint deck or seeking collaboration tools for deeper interaction, chances are there’s a Web app to satisfy anyone’s needs and budget. Some software is highly sophisticated and full-featured, wherein the organizer can set up a meeting with a single click in the app. Other webinar software offers multiple sharing options—desktop, application, file, and whiteboard—as well as webcam, computer or phone-line audio. Webinar participants can be invited by email, phone call, or SMS text message. Participants also have the ability to record meetings and upload results to a meeting space with the help of related files to get the most out of their webinar experiences.


For more information on free webinar services, please click here.

Check out to host a free web conference today!


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