A Few Tips to Enhance your Web Conferencing Skills

With the invention of free webinar software the corporate world has undergone a few changes in the way it functions. Presentations can now be attended from any corner of the world, negating the geographical and time zone challenges. Because of this, the corporate norm of attendees present in conference rooms has shifted, making it possible to save valuable time in an otherwise busy schedule. Although video conferencing services enable you to conduct a meeting virtually from any corner of the world, one needs to undergo a certain amount of preparation in order to give that impeccable presentation! Here are some handy and important tips to present yourself professionally during a video conference: Practice makes perfect! Just how you would prior to your face-to-face meeting, you need to prepare for a video meeting as well. Ask a friend or colleague to […]

Video conferencing: Bridging the distance between the employer and employee

The ever-changing corporate world: Since the last century or so, businesses around the world have taken a giant leap in terms of expansion. Boundaries have been reduced to a mere geographical terminology and acquisition and mergers have become a “norm” in the corporate world. Traditional culture has been long replaced by ‘corporate culture,’ which has in turn, facilitated uniformity in the sense of work ethics. These fast changing dynamics see business executives often traveling overseas or racing against time in order to attend meetings, seminars or imparting lectures. Many times, industry leaders have faced challenges while fulfilling long distance commitments due to various factors such as availability of time, travel obstructions, etc. Video conferencing- the ideal weapon of a business: Time and time again, the world has resorted to various technological innovations in order to overcome communication barriers and transcend […]

Video Conferencing Takes Business Meetings to a New Level!

The new business formula: If businesses are judged by their turnovers, their potential is measured by their presentation skills! The mundane, traditional ways of pitching to and attending clients have long been thrashed. New age business psychology is all about taking clients and consumers by surprise and finding exclusive ways of reaching out to them. Corporate houses across the globe have revamped their outlook drastically, by elevating themselves constantly on the technological front.   Tricks of the trade: Some of the tools that have helped businesses in changing times are free web conferencing and webinars. Corporate business people don’t restrict themselves to geographical limitations anymore, and have been constantly expanding strategies to fulfill their professional ambitions. In such a scenario, regular business trips are not feasible, so webinar software has lent a much needed helping hand. Apart from saving time […]