7 Types Of Infographics All Free Web Conferencing Hosts Can Use To Engage Their Audience

September 18, 2015

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Using a pie-chart, bar diagram and other old school tools of graphical representation are boring. Infographics are the new tools of disseminating complex information, data and graphics in a simple, clear and succinct way.

Here are 7 kinds of infographics that most webinar hosts can make use of to keep their audience engaged and disseminate complex information in a visually compelling way.

Flow chart

A flow chart works best when you have to address a question. You can present your audience with two to three options and provide them with different solutions. This kind of infographic also works very well when you have a situation to explain. It is ideal for breaking down complex processes and simplifying content during your free web conferencing event.

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Number game

Not only does this have an interesting name but it has an interesting purpose as well. A fun way to pass on numbers is with this kind of infographic. Simply announcing numbers may cause your audience to misinterpret them or not realize their importance. These kinds of graphics can easily be shared and referred to at a later time as well.

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The timeline or chronology

This kind of infographic may be familiar to many users owing to Facebook. But a timeline is a visual aid one should use when you want to take your audience on a journey. The content has to be interestingly designed to keep your audience engaged throughout the free web conferencing seminar.

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Visualized article

This is an infographic aid that storytellers love to use. It helps to break down laborious pieces that are to wordy and helps your audience understand better. When you want to share a lot of your content on social media this is an ideal video conferencing solution.

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Photo info-graphics

Want your free web conferencing event to look professional? Use photo infographics. These are simple and clear tools that offers non-cluttered relevant information about a very specific topic using real life photographs.

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Versus infographic

The ‘versus’ infographic is best used when you want to make a comparison between two topics or people. It is a video conferencing solution that works best if you have relevant criteria to clearly bring out the differences.

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Useful bait

This kind of infographic helps you re-establish the basics. It may not necessarily provide new information. But a ‘useful bait’ info-graphic can be easily printed and distributed amongst your attendees as a pamphlet.


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Use a mixture of these kinds of info-graphics and create a never before webinar experience for your viewers.