Top 3 Must-Watch Business Webinars on BigMarker

Any business requires you to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. If you are a new business owner who is testing the waters with your idea, we have a few webinars that might help you with this endeavor.

If you’ve missed these webinars don’t worry, there is a recorded version available and the best part is that it’s free! Make the most of these videos and maybe you’ll figure out a way to make it big.

All you need is a little inspiration.

Here are a the top 3 free webinars that might help you with your venture:

  1. The Top 3 Ways I Grew The Founding Moms Into An International Brand

If you are starting from scratch, trying to make a fancy hat one hay straw at a time, then Jill Salzman knows what you are talking about. Her webinar explores how the resources around you can help you build an idea into something big. Her story might be the inspiration you were looking for.

  1. Create Your Marketing Pitch to Land That Promotion, Project, or New Job with Q&A

You’re in an elevator with an investor, you have to sell your business idea to him in less than 2 minutes, what do you do? That’s the test of how good you are at making a marketing pitch. Believing in your idea is not enough, you need to master the art of selling it as well. Kara’s webinar might give you some insight into developing yours.

  1. Creating Extraordinary Careers – Q&A with Stever Robbins

Starting out has never been easy. If you’ve been in the same field all your life, it might be the right next step for you. However, if you get an idea out of the blue, it might be your calling. Before you start recruiting for your startup, you must ask yourself some important questions to ensure that you are ready for this transition. Stever’s webinar can help you make up your mind.

Once you’ve got your business or start-up running, don’t forget to use webinar hosting to reach out to your audience. All the best!

How Budding Musicians Can Leverage The Potential Of Webinars

Webinars are taking the world of digital marketing by storm. They have gradually transformed from being overlooked and their potential disregarded, to becoming an integral aspect of B2B and content marketing strategies. Perhaps the biggest advantage of webinars is that they transcend all geographic boundaries, allowing the dissemination of information to users and influencers all across the world, at almost no cost whatsoever.

A large crop of people assume that webinars are used solely by marketers or professors for sharing their content; au contraire, a large number of unconventional professionals, such as musicians, social activists and dancers have also been leveraging the potential of webinars to promote their content.

If you’re a musician hoping to reach out to a large audience, webinars can be your ticket to fame! Here are a few ways in which you can harness the potential of webinars to increase engagement with your audience —

  • Live streaming gigs — almost every musician dreams of performing live someday. And webinars can breathe life into your flights of fancy – all you need is a computer, an internet connection and a microphone. You can stream your gig as a live webinar and invite followers to tune into it. With due promotion, your webinar has the potential to be heard by thousands the world over. If well-received, your music might spread like wildfire all over the Internet.
  • Online workshops — you can broadcast your music tutorials and workshops as a live webinar. It proves to be a more interactive option as compared to a regular video, as it allows for feedback. It helps drive traffic to your website, and ultimately results in an increase in the number of your followers.
  • Q&A with audience — fans are what make a musician, a musician. So it’s always good to get the fans and the audience involved at some ‘stage’, and a Q&A session is the perfect way. It helps address fans’ questions about the music, the musician, his methods, as well as makes them feel that the musician actually cares about them and considers them important. Holding a Q&A session every month greatly increases engagement and word-of-mouth promotion for you and your music.
  • Behind-the-scenes access — giving fans and audiences a rare glimpse into what goes on behind the making of the music proves to be a great way of increasing engagement. The trick here is to give them just a glimpse that’ll leave them wanting more, a look into new music you have been working on. This keeps the audience on their toes, and will definitely make them tune into your next webinar.

These are a few ways in which budding musicians can harness webinar services, and reach out to audience world over.

Does Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy Really Need All Digital Media Platforms?

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, you name it and your brand has an official account on the platform. However, the conversion ratio that you had anticipated is missing. Wonder why?

Businesses spend a sizable chunk of money and intensive man power, dedicated to mastering their marketing strategy. Inevitably most businesses decide that a presence on each platform will convert into sales. Truth to be told, this is not the case.

Generally a business posts and shares content that is repeated over various platforms or just cross promotes the same content according to the mediums format. This just results in your consumers getting bombarded with repetitive content that makes them lose interest and also often discourages them. It is also likely that they unfollow your brand page.

Stop and take a moment or two to understand what it is that each social media platform offers and how you can avail them or not avail them to maximize your social media marketing strategy.

Micro-blogging manners



This medium is best suited if you have a considerable amount of content to go around each day that ties up to current event topics or even industry matters. Just having a presence on Twitter and tweeting only one generic post a day will do your brand no good. Twitter is all about brevity, so content that is timely and packs a punch needs to be made available via this platform.


Even though this format of social media is increasingly gaining popularity, the content that can be shared here is very specific, namely vivid photographs. People who have an Instagram account usually share very personal experiences via this medium, they share photos of themselves, the food they eat, their pets, families, vacation spots, etc. Just spamming your followers with pictures that hold little relevance to your brand will do you no good. Even if you still insist on having an account on this platform, please ensure that the content that you share adds value to your brand.

Social networking etiquette

Facebook fan:

As a medium that helps you get the reach and gives you the freedom to share multiple formats of information, Facebook is an ideal choice. Not only can you reach out to potential clients and influencers for your brand but also keep your current patronage engaged via this medium. This medium is not limiting in the sense that you can share pictures, videos, data and analytics and other information in real time without a glitch. People can further share the content you post. This medium also has an active call-to-action facility which overall helps your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn likes:

Content that should be created for LinkedIn should cater to primarily the team that you employee, the potential employees and your competitors. This is one platform where customers take a backseat and what comes into focus is what you do as a brand. Content that you share on LinkedIn should be in complete sync with your brand image.

Webinar ways

Webinars are being labeled as the game changers where marketing strategies are concerned. Their USP lies in them being a platform that lets you collaborate all formats of content and share it with your actual target audience. Another good thing about webinars is that they give you the scope to really put together valid and unique content over an extended period of time and then share it. They allow you to communicate with and engage with your actual audience and potential clients in real time. A further advantage of webinars is that you get to measure the results and success instantly.

You can either choose webinar platforms that offers paid services and a support team that will help you organize a good webinar, or you can choose a free webinar platform. The complimentary tools help you collate your research, manage your invites and attendees’ data, contact them and send reminders. Incorporating your organizations blog, also becomes easy.

Chasing after large number of people will not pay off unless you offer quality content to match. Sometimes doing less is more. So choose a balanced mix of platforms to add to your marketing strategy.

Tell us what kind of content you share on each platform and your intent of doing so.

Three Webinars To Watch On BigMarker

Webinars can be fun and informative. However, if you are new to the webinar world, you might want to start watching some recorded webinars to get a better idea of what is in store for you. If you are invested in making your Sunday a productive one, we have a list of webinars you should catch up on.

Here are three trending webinars on BigMarker,

1. Technology and our Brains: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown.

The age old debate about the effects of technology is being fueled by this webinar. It’s time to take a stance on this topic and watch what hosts Betsy and Sara have to say about it. They shed light on the effects of video games, cell phones and other technology during different stages of child development. The positive and the negative sides are explored along with strategies to elicit positive effects and minimize the negative ones. It’s a one of a kind webinar and you can catch the recording right here:

2.  10 Social Media Tips for Your Business.

Social media is an important tool in the business world and being a new business in today’s market demands a basic understanding of social media. Social media has become one of the key marketing spaces, due to the rising popularity of the internet. Every company would have a presence on social media forums to reach out to their target audience on a personal level. Master the art of social media with this webinar.

3.  Step Into Your Mindful Life

An interesting insight into mindfulness is coming your way. This webinar is about being in the here and now. Molly knight begins the session with meditation and then explores the themes of awareness and self-observation. She stresses the importance of being mindful and explains its importance in daily life. It’s a webinar worth your attention.

Make the most of free web conferencing! Start binge watching today.

Why are webinar services the best marketing tools for your small business?

It is a known fact that there is no fixed formula for a successful marketing campaign. A well thought out plan and its execution with all relevant resources has proved helpful repeatedly.

Webinars are one such resource. You can easily make use of them to promote not only the products and services that you offer but also your brand as a whole. Here are a few advantages of including webinars as a part of your marketing strategy for your small or medium size business.




Marketing is different from advertising. What your small business needs is promotional activities rather than transactional ones. Seek the help of an expert to host or co-host a webinar with you. Or have a company sponsor your webinar. They will give you instant brand recognition, act as a brand ambassador, while in return give them publicity and access to your contacts. Together you can reach a newer, bigger audience.  Using webinar services  this way is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Enables interaction

Using a free webinar service or hosting a free web conference is a great way to interact and engage potential clients. Free webinars provide various wayts to interact with your audience or clients that webcasts or pre-recorded sessions don’t.  You can live chat with attendees or have them join in the discussion by sharing their webcams or microphones. This makes the experience and interaction much more personal, creating better more trustworthy relationships. After the webinar (if done well) the attendees will feel as though they already know you.

Cross promotion

Repetition and omnipresence is of the essence in any marketing activity. A great webinar service or platform provides opportunity to easily cross promote. You can gain a lot of traction for your marketing campaign by repeatedly promoting on the landing page of your webinar and vice versa. This includes posting links to your website and social media pages. Live tweeting during a webinar not only promotes the webinar, but your Twitter presence and page. Your blog can also play a crucial role. You can easily embed the link of the webinar or recording in your blog. Similarly, you can post the link of your blog in your presentation or in the chat area. In other words, don’t forget to include your webinars in your integrated marketing campaign.



More conversions

Just by registering for your webinar, people are showing interest your brand, company or product. This gives you another opportunity to convert interest into loyalty or purchase before the webinar even happens. Reach out to registrants, ask them why the registered and what they want to learn. This allows you to focus the webinar’s according to that particular audience. Great free webinar services or feature full webinar plans allow hosts and organizers to reach their audience before, during and after the webinar. Doing so increases and extends the timeline for conversion exponentially.

elevator pitch


The elevator pitch amplified

Every business requires you to have an elevator pitch. This pitch encompasses the what, when, where, why and how of your business, in a concise and clear way. A great free webinar service lets you explain every point in that pitch in a fun, interesting and meaningful way. Like Simon Sinek said, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

Tips to take your Webinar from Good to Awesome

Webinars have opened the doors for a plethora of opportunities. They have made lectures and training sessions a lot easier by presenting them live on the internet. These days, webinars are enhanced with slick PowerPoint presentations, video clips, live questions, and and much more. If done correctly, a webinar can help generate leads, face-to-face connections, and boost the sales of your business or organization.

  1. Pay attention to the time spent: An effective webinar is best when it’s 60 minutes or less. If it exceeds an hour, you’ll most likely start to bore your audience, test their patience, or have them drop off altogether. It’s important to check the start time in different time zones if you are catering to a worldwide audience or a particular part of the world.
  1. Choose an area that is quiet: An area that is noiseless plays a super vital role in webinar hosting. You want your audience to be able to hear you and not be a part of constant chatter and disturbance. A soundproof room would be perfect! Also, if are planning on hosting webinars frequently, an investment in high quality audio and video equipment is worthwhile. Furthermore, ensure everything has been tested beforehand to avoid problems during your webinar.
  1. Registration fees should be economical or free: Don’t overcharge for registration. In fact if you aren’t well known or just started hosting, free is the way to go. The idea of using a webinar service and to host webinars is to impart knowledge and make it an enriching experience and interactive for those in attendance. Revenues come second. That being said, once you’ve established value or a core audience, you can start charging for more intimate or in-depth sessions.
  1. Include more than one presenter: Having more than one presenter adds to the charm of a webinar. Make sure this presenter is full of energy, knowledgeable and has a magnetic personality that keeps the audience glued. It can liven the conversation and help make it more interactive. It also doesn’t hurt if they’re tech savvy.
  1. Make it interactive: A good webinar with video conferencing is one that leaves plenty of time for attendants to ask questions. Moreover, another aspect of making it awesome is to give the attendants a chance to send in their feedback, and share their camera or microphone.
  1. Make use of social media channels: Social media is everywhere. Using social media is a practical and feasible promotional tool for small as well as medium-sized businesses. If done correctly, i.e. making use of hashtags, promoting blog posts, etc. can help you reach millions of users in a short span of time. However, don’t limit your promotion to only social media.
  1. Hold a free video conferencing event: The economy is global. A free video conferencing event can empower your business, reach new customers, and give it global recognition. In return, you reach a larger audience while providing an opportunity to connect remote employees with potential clients.

Here’s hoping the above was more or less a checklist for webinar hosting. Tell us what has been successful for you and your company.

The Keys to Using Social Media for Brand Engagement

The financial limbo of social media may be drawing to an end as companies slowly figure out how to monetize their likes and follows. Brand engagement is key.

Despite the sudden dominance of social networking in virtually all aspects of our lives, manipulating it to get results has been a sore point for businesses of all sorts, from start-ups and retailers to the network owners themselves.

Recent research conducted by Google indicates that “people who engage regularly with brands on social media tend to be better customers.” Not only were people who engaged with a business online more likely to prefer that business to others of the same type, they were also more likely to have purchased something there recently.

What’s more, the typical engaged social follower tended towards the same customer life cycle:

  1. Discovery of your company and products/services
  2. Choosing what is right for them
  3. Purchasing product/service
  4. Engaging with you and their peers after the purchase

The journey today’s consumer takes is increasingly cyclical, offering brands huge opportunities for not only repeat custom, but exposure to customers’ networks as well. Brands become more personable, accepted into the dynamic, and customers may come to see your company as an extension of their expanding social group. This is something to value and comes with great responsibility.

Rather than counting page views like a neanderthal, brand engagement on a company’s social profile is measured simply with replies, likes/favorites, and shares to better estimate how much of an impression your brand is making. Those sharing your identity and products online are your advocates and will help to build your brand.

Know your demographic and communicate in a way that appeals to them. Reward their positive comments with exposure to your own network (e.g. with a retweet — the new customer satisfaction quote). Remember, they might have a significant social outreach and their negative comments can travel as far as their positive ones. Keep them sweet!


Each social network differs in the way it encourages and generates engagement too. Facebook is between “friends” (though often in the loosest possible sense) and users might be more inclined to believe what they read. Twitter, on the other hand, mixes audiences and works better in real time to deliver news or updates as they happen.

It might be the disposability of information on Twitter that explains why Instagram outperforms it 50 times over in brand engagement. Perhaps too much information is a bad thing after all!

Instagram’s success relies on the power of images. It forces you to be creative with everything you post, the hashtag system is easy to use, and its content is shared with wild abandon! Building a following from the ground up can be tough, but if you learn how to maximize your exposure and capture people’s attention with a great name recognition or brand then your content will practically start sharing itself.

The good news is that it’s only getting easier. Businesses can now sell directly through Instagram, and several companies are working at applying the same idea to the Pinterest model too. It’s only a matter of time before other social networks become more directly linked to our final purchases. As that happens, the effects of brand engagement will become simpler to measure and improve.

It may sound corny, but these days it’s truer than ever: the customer is your friend.


Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has  contributed articles to, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas, or you can reach him at

Webinar Mistakes That Are Boring Me to Tears!

Dear Webinar Presenters and Hosts,

Video conferencing can be an influential tool to build a community of similar interests, establish thought leadership, and even cultivate and develop sales leads. But few webinar hosts seem to be making the most of the various webinar tools available. As someone who has attended one too many boring, static webinars, if you want to make yours worth my time, here are some things you probably ought to work on.

First and foremost, you hold a 60-minute webinar or free web conferencing event and don’t even bother making it interactive! Like seriously? I want to be engaged, with video, audio and other interactive elements. I’m not attending a webinar to just her someone yap the entire time. I want active participation, a Q&A session, polls, chatting. If not, I may as well just watch a recording. Webinars don’t have to be boring, so let’s not make it.

Secondly, what is with the constant sales pitches? Every other minute is not an opportunity for you to push products down my throat. Help me understand things and I might stick around for another session. Don’t just try to up sell me, teach me something useful now. The over the top branding, is just that, over the top. I appreciate that you are trying to make a living, but when in doubt – go subtle or go home.

The other thing I will say is that too much text on your PowerPoint kills all the excitement of a live event. I don’t quite get the idea of having so much text on slides. If I want to read, I’ll go to the library. Too much text gets really boring, real quick. I want some visuals, images, infographics, and maybe a YouTube clip, not just plain boring text. The slides are supposed to enhance a presentation, not literally spell it out.

I also love interactive Q&A sessions. I love honesty too. So, if you think you don’t know the answer, it’s absolutely fine, but don’t just stop the question and answer round completely. You can always follow-up after the event or post answers on the conference page or community bulletin or even an email.

Polls are another feature that I love about a webinar service. Polling allows me to have a voice in a webinar’s direction or content, and enhances engagement throughout. In fact, polls help us “attendees” feel like we have been a vital part of the webinar. At the same time, please, please don’t do a poll just to see if I’m awake. I’d like to get my brain working and know that the poll holds some value and isn’t just being used to take attendance. If your webinar is interesting and interactive, I’ll participate.

So how about hosting a webinar or web/video conferencing or webcast that not only helps us “attendees” enhance our knowledge, but gives you a valuable, vibrant, and interactive way to communicate. Please?

How Not To Lose Your Mind While Hosting a Webinar

A webinar helps you to grow your business and build deeper connections with existing customers while building a bond with new and potential customers. Webinars are indeed a fabulous option when you are looking for generating high quality leads, however, it could be the cause of stress if not executed correctly. Here are tips that will ensure you don’t lose your mind or bore the attendees while hosting a webinar.

  • A reliable webinar platform: Too many technical errors can be annoying and put off the attendees in no time. There have been instances wherein a paid webinar platform has proven to be a better option than choosing free web conferencing, thanks to the multitude of features available. In this regard choosing the right webinar platform requires adequate research, understanding and practice in order for your webinar to be successful. It’s also good to understand the technical problems that may occur and take the necessary precautions well in advance. For instance, you could log onto two computers, or multiple browsers in case one of them crashes. Another great option is having your presentation printed out in case screen sharing or your slide show doesn’t go as planned.
  • The right webinar training: It is good to know what is offered in terms of help articles, online training, presenters guides, etc. for the webinar platform you ultimately choose. Checking the system requirements and making certain that your computer, webcam and microphone work with your chosen webinar platform before the actual day of the webinar is VERY important in preventing a disaster during the conference. What’s more, a practice session with your presenters can help you know exactly how you sound and look and what adjustments need to be made to your presentation. For this, checklist is important.
  • Take help from a co-presenter: Most successful webinars have a co-presenter helps attendees with questions and tech issues. Also, with the help of a co-presenter, you get another business to market and endorse your webinar, add to the knowledge, and someone else to talk and reply to questions from the audience while you focus on the moment at hand. This way, attendees aren’t bored and don’t have to spend the entire webinar reading slides full of text. So whether you are using a basic free webinar service, or a more feature full webinar platform, having a modertator or co-presenter relieves some of the pressure and alleviates webinar duties.
  • No matter what stay calm: Don’t try to speed up your webinar and finish it quickly. You want your attendees to comprehend what you’re presenting. Sometimes, simplifing your webinar or presentation is best. If goes to short, you can answer people’s questions. Keep in mind, technical glitches may happen. The screen may freeze, the microphone might not work, the slideshow will disappear, etc. Just remember to stay calm and try and resolve it. If it doesn’t get fixed, you can always apologize and move on. If nothing can be done, offer a freebie item, reschedule or  simply send a recording them a recording of the webinar.

Here’s hoping the above tips have been of help to you. If you happen to have your own kickass tips make sure you share them with us in the comment section below.

Global Webinar Statistics You Ought To Know

Webinars are the best way contact your targeted audience. They can help build better client relationships, generate marketing leads and even spread brand awareness. From presenting online conferences, seminars and lectures to sales and advertising, every single industry can gain immensely from hosting webinars.

Here are some statistics that are sure to blow your mind away and incite you to dive into the fascinating world of webinars right away!

  • On an average 40% registrations result in conversion. These are dependent on two vital factors namely: the description of the event matches the expectations along with the length/convolution of the registration form.
  • Registrations happen a week before the webinar, however, the marketing and promotions start at least a month in advance.
  • 60% of marketers make use of webinars as part of their content marketing programs. These could be in the form of PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs, videos, interactive questions and answers, etc.
  • 2 presenters are ideal when presenting a ticketed or free webinar service.
  • The average attendee duration lasts about 45-60 minutes. This is based on how easy it is to get to the event, how thought-provoking and attention-grabbing is the chosen subject or the presenters along with the time given for Q&A round.
  • An average of 40% attenders involve themselves in Q&A rounds.
  • Approximately 30% people prefer to answer a poll.
  • Over 55% people prefer watching a free online meeting rather than attending a live in person one.
  • 25% of registrants view the replay.
  • For attendees, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the optimum days for hosting a webinar.
  • The best time slot for ticketed or free webinar hosting is observed between 10-11 am.

Webinars are extremely effective for companies and viewers alike. The audience size has grown massively and webinars have certainly become more social and interactive. So, what are you waiting for?