What’s in a Name?

How to pick the right title for your webinar to maximize impact!

A first impression is often the last impression. Presenters often become so wrapped up in the technicalities of planning a webinar that they forget one basic rule. This rule of thumb applies just as much to your free web conference as it does to your choice of clothes. So why is it that when most people sit down to plan or conceptualize their webinars, the title is often the last thing that they consider?

Here is why the title is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of your webinar. When you advertise your webinar, remember that no one has actually attended it yet, so the only thing to pique their curiosity and interest is your title. No matter how informative and relevant you webinar is, if you cannot captivate your potential audience with the title then the rest ceases to be relevant. The title needs to be just as interesting if not more, than the content of your webinar; because when it comes to advertising your free web conference, the title does half the work. So don’t underestimate the importance of the title, give it the consideration it deserves and watch it work for you.

Choosing a title can be a daunting task when you consider the sheer importance of picking the perfect words that summarize your webinar.

  • Be factually correct. Choose a title that accurately summarizes the topic that you will be covering. If you are speaking about tax savings for the Financial Year 2014 then your title needs to reflect this. For example, a tentative title would be “Tax Savings for the Financial Year 2014-2015”.
  • Make the topic relevant. Frame your title so that it reflects the facts that you will be sharing and how they are relevant to your audience, so the same title above will be modified to “Save Big with Tax Savings for FY 2014”


I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

– Rudyard Kipling

  • Remember your interrogatives. The key to writing good content and in this case creating the perfect title are the five W’s and one H. Use these words or keep them in mind when framing a title. This helps emphasize the content of your webinar and communicate to the reader what they can expect. For example, “How to Save Big with Tax Savings for FY 2014-2015”. This title now accurately encapsulates some if not all of the five W’s and one H making it easier for the reader to gauge if and how the webinar is relevant to them.
  • Your title should also be catchy. People are constantly bombarded with information online, so it is easy for your webinar to get lost in the crowd. A catchy title will help capture someone’s interest at first glance, and then the relevant information will help translate that attention into attendance. Consequently, our sample headline now reads, “Don’t Tax Yourself – How to Save Big with Tax Savings for FY 2014-2015”.
  • Get rid of the clutter. Now that you have a catchy and relevant title in place, pare it down to its bare essentials so that it is not too long or verbose. After all “Brevity is the soul of wit”! Keeping this in mind, the final title of your webinar on tax savings would be something like “Don’t Tax Yourself – How to Save Big on your Taxes (FY 2014-15)”.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you come up with the perfect title for a webinar or free web conference. Even though it might be last on your to-do list while you plan your event, don’t underestimate its role in increasing your audience. Shakespeare may have gotten this one wrong, there is plenty in a name!

Promote your Webinar Online

A webinar is a professional audiovisual tool that allows professionals and businesses to communicate with a large group of people using online meeting software. A successful webinar needs a concrete agenda, a topic worthy of large-scale dissemination and a viable, dependable audience. For a fledgling company or professionals who are not well known beyond their professional circle, it can be quite a challenge to promote a webinar effectively online. Here are a few key insights to help you promote your webinar, generate awareness and create a relevant audience base.

Target the ‘Target

In-depth market research can help you find the right audience for your webinar. Consumer studies, informal conversations and current market studies can help you narrow your focus and understand your desired audience base.


Once you understand your target audience it’s time to strategize. A comprehensive promotional strategy is comprised of short term and long term tactics that are designed to capture your target audience’s attention and convince them to attend your webinar. Identify platforms that will help you connect with your target audience and create your strategy accordingly.

Be a Smart Tactician

A tactic is a small, focused, plan that is a part of an overall strategy. Once your marketing strategy is in place, break it down into tactics that you will employ to gain an audience. This means creating targeted promotional plans that will be implemented across a variety of online platforms.

Some of the basic online platforms you can use to promote your webinar are:

  • Email

Eye-catching emails about your webinar being hosted with a free webinar service provider can help you reach out to targeted individuals. Don’t forget to send them event reminders to ensure that they remember to attend the webinar. Research says that around three online reminders in a span of two weeks are more than enough.

  • Blogs and Websites

Create a blog or a website to promote your webinar. Also, make it a point to visit other blogs and websites to spread the word. A blog or website is a great platform on which to provide comprehensive details of your webinar. Make sure your blog posts contain a link to the sign up page and have an attention-grabbing hook along with the key benefits of attending your webinar!

  • Social Media

It is time to turn into a Social Media Ninja. Identify the appropriate social media platform most likely used by your target audience and use it to promote your webinar. Concentrated efforts on targeted platforms can be far more effective than a one size fits all approach.

  • Don’t Forget Forums

Forums are a great place to promote webinars as they provide you with access to specific groups of people ensuring that your message reaches the most relevant group of people. Don’t forget to check the rules of the forums that you are a part of as most of them have strict guidelines regarding promotion.

Execute with Awareness

Once you have your promotional strategy and tactics in place, you need to implement them effectively. While campaigns must be planned with precision, make sure you give yourself enough leeway to improvise and tweak your plan as you go along. Learn to listen to what the statistics are telling you. If you find some posts or certain types of promotional activities are receiving more attention than others, then try creating more of those. Conversely, if certain activities are barely yielding any results, then it might be wiser to abandon ship and try other tactics instead. This will ensure that your plan delivers the best results possible.

How to be Awesome in Video Conference Job Interviews

Technology has made things easily available and accessible. Today, tasks like taking interviews are easily conducted online with the help of various free video conferencing software.

While you may be kicked about that interview, it always helps to know a few dos and don’ts of an online interview. Here are few tips to keep in mind, which will help to prepare better for video conferencing interviews:

  1. Prepare Right

Preparation is the key for a successful interview. Keep a list of questions that the interviewer may ask you handy. As far as possible, make sure that you don’t err or stumble while answering their questions. Rehearsing will help you overcome the initial nervousness.

  1. Groom Yourself

Appear clean, tidy and professional. Wear colors that will appear good on camera. Avoid colors like red, orange or black as they appear ‘heavy’ on screen.

  1. Equip Yourself with relevant Documents

Keep all the required documents, papers, certificates etc. with you. In case the interviewer demands them, you can show them immediately. Also, keep a soft copy of your documents ready to be e-mailed to him.

  1. Keep Conversations to the Point

Revolve your conversation around the interview as much as possible. Avoid side conversations completely.

  1. Adequate Time to Respond

Allow your interviewer to complete his opinion. Dissecting him while talking may be annoying and it may end up hampering your prospects.

  1. Control Your Body

Your body language conveys a lot about you. Avoid swaying, rocking in your chair and nervously moving your fingers. Remember that the interviewer can see you.

  1. Camera Position

Position your camera at such an angle that your upper body is visible to the interviewer, and not just your face or chest.

  1. Smooth &Fluid Conversation

Keep the conversation simple and crisp. Talk to your interviewer with a smile as and when possible.

  1. Sign Off Politely

Remember to let the interviewer conclude the meeting.

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Ask him about when you can get back to him. Allow the interviewer to first hang up the call.

With the help of web conferencing, let the physical distance not hold you back from chasing and accomplishing your dreams. With these small tricks, make the big impact and seize your moment!

Helping Businesses Grow Beyond Borders

With the competition getting stiffer, businesses are trying newer ways of expanding their reach in the market. Traditional practices like meetings are being increasingly replaced by modern methods such as Video Conferencing.

Free video conferencing offers some invaluable advantages over other modes of communication when you strive to connect with your employees and colleagues in various areas of the world. Video conferencing is free in service most of the time and has evolved over the years with new features and facilities to the user.

Here are a few ways how it has been helping businesses go from local to global:

1.Saves Time

You need not travel to your office boardroom to conduct a crucial meeting. You might as well get in touch with your team while in your living room. Video conferencing saves a lot of valuable time.

2.Saves Money

Travelling for long hours to attend meetings or seminars just for few hours may not be economical, given the expenses involved. Free video conferencing helps you to cut on the travel expense and time, thus saving precious resources.

3.Boosting Productivity

Many free webinar service providers help you to transfer presentations, heavy documents, PDFs and more to your business associates. As a result, decisions and their implementation take place quicker, ultimately boosting the productivity of your business.

4.Stronger Partnership

Video conferencing offers a face-to-face communication between the involved parties, eventually establishing a robust business relationship.

With these clear advantages over other modes of communication like conference calling, Video Conferencing is taking the world by storm.

Four Reasons To Use Webinars in 2015


Webinars have been around basically as long as slideshows and the internet have been around, but they remain a mainstay of B2B marketing and lead generation. Why is this? Because they work. Webinars are one of the most cost-effective ways to spread awareness of your brand’s products or services while providing your clients and potential clients with useful and valuable information. And you know what? They’re only getting better. Read on to find out how webinars are going to be even more valuable in 2015.

Spread awareness — Twice

Did you know that webinars already started working even before anyone has showed up? It’s true. In this age of social media, webinar hosting services and video conferencing services can serve as a great “rallying cry”  to get your brand’s evangelicals and supporters excited and fired up. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of social media in 2015, this sense of excitement can spread and be shared across Facebook, Twitter, and other networks, building some buzz for your brand. There’s the impact of the direct attention to the event, but also the knock on effects over people sharing their intention to attend — two for the price of one!

A learning (and teaching!) opportunity

When you give your information to a live audience in an interactive format like a webinar or via video conferencing, you massively increase user engagement. And we’re not just talking about the measurements of engagement metrics like clickthrough, we’re talking about engagement in the older sense of the world: engaging your audience! You’re creating a direct rapport with the audience in order to generate new and higher quality leads. Compared to other forms of online information presentation, a webinar strikes exactly the right balance between “interesting” and “informative”  for a B2B audience, allowing you to speak to your clients and potential clients in a fun but authoritative way.


Personal service

Webinars or video conferencing solutions are a great “members’ bonus” to be able to offer your clients. Because it gives them the opportunity to comment and ask questions, a webinar lets you create a rapport with your clients, boosting your credibility and helping you make a real connection with them. Basically, it’s almost as good as meeting them in person.

Real, honest lead generation

Webinars are a great way to generate high quality leads. Their natural sharability and attractiveness allow them to spread naturally and (dare we say it?) virally through B2B networks, bringing you only the most interested and engaged leads. Contacts lead you to other contacts, and in the end, you’ve created a highly engaged network of clients and contacts, netting you positive influence.

Webinars and Video Conferencing Services: a timeless tool

Webinars, because of their unique position halfway between an online video and a sales presentation, are a great way to deliver value to your clients while reinforcing your relationship and generating leads. Because of their natural sharability, they’re a perfect tool to use in the social media age. As more and more B2B marketing and networking travels online, webinars and video conferencing services will only continue to become more effective tools.

Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has  contributed articles to Visual.ly, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas, or you can reach him at NickAndrewRojas@gmail.com.

Why Video Conferencing wins against E-mail!

How Video Conferencing Became Popular

Communication has always been an integral part of human life. Be it a casual conversation or a formal one, we have derived various ways to communicate with each other. As time has progressed, what started from writing letters has been steadily replaced with various forms of digital communication.


Amongst the many forms of digital communication, writing e-mails has become a daily habit as we transfer, document, and share vital data. Although they are widely used today and are definitely much more convenient than the traditional practice of posting letters, e-mails still come with their own set of limitations.

The new trend of Video conferencing however, provides solutions to many shortcomings of the e-mail, especially for businesses.

How is it Better?

  • When humans communicate, they often rely on reading body language to interpret a conversation. E-mails are unidirectional and one cannot see the reactions of the opposite person. This shortcoming of not being able to gauge instant reaction from both the sender and receiver, is resolved by free web conferencing. Video conferences provide with the luxury of showing instant feedback and reactions through voice, and video. Thus, messages are conveyed better, as a two-way conversation takes place.
  • Video conferencing services provide voice to the e-mail. Since one can listen to what is being said, it can help infuse a lot more conviction to the speaker’s opinion and confidence to the pitch.
  • Conferencing saves valuable time! E-mails can lead to a lot of to and fro, and hence end up taking time. On the other hand, web conferencing enables conversations to happen in real time and therefore becomes a useful tool to zero down on solutions in a shorter span of time.

With the rapid increase in video conferencing service providers these days, free web conferencing is fast becoming a mainstream mode of communication for businesses across the globe. With the current pace of technological innovations in consideration, business communication is set to become all the more compact, faster, and personal!

A Few Tips to Enhance your Web Conferencing Skills

With the invention of free webinar software the corporate world has undergone a few changes in the way it functions. Presentations can now be attended from any corner of the world, negating the geographical and time zone challenges. Because of this, the corporate norm of attendees present in conference rooms has shifted, making it possible to save valuable time in an otherwise busy schedule.

Web conferencing

Although video conferencing services enable you to conduct a meeting virtually from any corner of the world, one needs to undergo a certain amount of preparation in order to give that impeccable presentation!

Here are some handy and important tips to present yourself professionally during a video conference:

  1. Practice makes perfect!

Just how you would prior to your face-to-face meeting, you need to prepare for a video meeting as well. Ask a friend or colleague to conduct a mock web meeting. This will give you a first-hand experience of the challenges that you may face, during the final make or break meeting.

  1. Suit Up!

‘The first impression is the last impression’ holds true for corporate meetings so it is critical to dress yourself in appropriate business attire. Although your upper half is prominently visible, that cannot undermine the importance of a complete, professional outfit. Choose a formal shirt of a neutral, mild color that will soothe the viewers’ eyes. Wear a tie and formal trousers or a work-appropriate blouse and blazer or dress to complete your attire for the meeting.

  1. The Bigger Picture

They may not be vocal about it, but the person with whom you are conversing will probably notice an untidy background. This may end up creating a negative impression. Thus, make sure to clean the location before you start. Also, it is always better to sit in front of a wall darker than your complexion, and maintain an optimum amount of light with no background noise/disturbances to make yourself completely visible and audible.

  1. Break The Ice

A good introduction is key when beginning your web conference. Make sure you pronounce the name of dignitaries properly. Even though the person talking to you knows you, introducing yourself will help ease the atmosphere and commence the meeting on a positive note.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Always retain a steady eye contact while you speak. Remember to look in the camera with a subtle gesture. This will communicate confidence and assurance.

  1. Body Language

Note that your body language will be noticed by the person sitting on the other side of the camera. Your body language conveys as much as your presentation, so be careful of the movements you make!

  1. A Proper Goodbye

Before you conclude the meeting, make sure you have touched upon all the agendas of the meeting. Also, assert your interest for another meeting. It will communicate your inclination to take the professional relationship forward.

Keep these tips in mind while you prepare yourself for virtual meetings. It will make sure that you impress the viewer with your video meeting presentation skills!

Video conferencing: Bridging the distance between the employer and employee

The ever-changing corporate world:

Since the last century or so, businesses around the world have taken a giant leap in terms of expansion. Boundaries have been reduced to a mere geographical terminology and acquisition and mergers have become a “norm” in the corporate world. Traditional culture has been long replaced by ‘corporate culture,’ which has in turn, facilitated uniformity in the sense of work ethics.

These fast changing dynamics see business executives often traveling overseas or racing against time in order to attend meetings, seminars or imparting lectures. Many times, industry leaders have faced challenges while fulfilling long distance commitments due to various factors such as availability of time, travel obstructions, etc.


Video conferencing- the ideal weapon of a business:

Time and time again, the world has resorted to various technological innovations in order to overcome communication barriers and transcend physical boundaries. Technological evolution is warmly welcomed by the business community, as they have multiplied the overall efficiency of the industry. With the latest addition of free video conferencing to its arsenal, the corporate world has fixed yet another weak spot in its armor. No more do CEOs and executives feel the need to wait for hours or days to deliver an important meeting. Free video conferencing has enabled employers to reach out to their employees and other stakeholders in a matter of minutes!

Employers generally have their daily schedule packed with meetings and commitments. In such a scenario, any urgent situation may cause inconvenience to their carefully organized schedule. However, thanks to online meeting software, attending meetings on the go has become quite easy. These software solutions not only save a good amount of time, but also allow the employer flexibility to plan his/her daily activities.

Online meeting software

Understanding the utility and the hidden potential of video conferencing, many organizations have signed up for free webinar services. Webinars have made it possible to deliver presentations and lectures, without having to be physically present.

The way forward…

With each passing day, these handy technological solutions have assisted employers to address their employees, regardless of the miles of distance separating them. The future shows brighter prospects for such technological innovations, as these hints at better and quicker accessibility for the employers, to stay in touch with the primary base of their business.

Video Conferencing Takes Business Meetings to a New Level!

The new business formula:

If businesses are judged by their turnovers, their potential is measured by their presentation skills! The mundane, traditional ways of pitching to and attending clients have long been thrashed. New age business psychology is all about taking clients and consumers by surprise and finding exclusive ways of reaching out to them. Corporate houses across the globe have revamped their outlook drastically, by elevating themselves constantly on the technological front.

Video Conferencing Free


Tricks of the trade:

Some of the tools that have helped businesses in changing times are free web conferencing and webinars. Corporate business people don’t restrict themselves to geographical limitations anymore, and have been constantly expanding strategies to fulfill their professional ambitions. In such a scenario, regular business trips are not feasible, so webinar software has lent a much needed helping hand.

Apart from saving time and money, these tools have provided a visual representation to the traditional conference call. Web conferencing and webinar software are extremely helpful in giving a solid presentation and lecture to your prospects or targets. The factors of time and distance are no longer a concern, and thanks to these tools, you can attend meetings and presentations from anywhere in the world!

Free webinar hosting


Understanding the growing force of online conferencing, many free webinar hosting portals have developed in the past few years. These web conferencing portals realize the increasing reliance of businesses on web conferencing and webinar tools to consolidate their position in the industry.

A lot of shuffle has taken place in the way in which businesses are practiced today to set unprecedented trends in the industry. With each passing day, more and more companies are taking advantage of these emerging platforms to stay abreast of the cutting edge corporate competition!