5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Webinar Topic

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to filter out all the webinar invites in your inbox. Webinars are absolutely dominating the digital space of pretty much every industry and you’ve probably considered all the benefits of direct client exposure and want to host one yourself.

The hardest part of beginning the webinar planning process is choosing a webinar topic to present. On one hand, you don’t want to just create generic content to pour into the void that can be the Internet and on the other you don’t want to pick something so niche that people won’t relate to it. How do you find the balance?  

Lucky for you, I have the five most important questions to ask yourself before finally landing on your webinar topic: 

First off, which industry are you targeting? 

You don’t want to go through the trouble of outlining your presentation, creating graphics, finding co-hosts and slip up right at the beginning of your webinar by sharing information your audience already knows and lose 80% of your attendees in the first ten minutes.

Knowing which industry you are targeting will help you find out exactly what the consumers know, what the professionals know, and what kind of experience to sell.   

Who is your audience? What are they looking for?  

Similar to knowing which industry your audience is coming from, you must know exactly who you are targeting with your webinar. Will you host an instructional webinar? You should probably avoid using complicated terminology, so you don’t overwhelm people who do not have the standard industry knowledge.

Will you trade industry secrets with another professional? It’s best to steer from “stating the obvious” as it will reflect poorly on your intelligence level to your professional audience.

Ironing out your desired audience will not only point your webinar content in the right direction, but will also increase signups if you’re able to tap into a specific demographics. Think about promoting your webinar content in places where the “right” eyeballs will see it. For example, social media groups or industry-specific hashtags are a good way to promote organic growth.

What are your strengths? 

Now that you know your audience and the industry they reside in, what can you offer them? Have you been in the industry for years and are ready to spill your secrets? Are you a natural networker and have a binder full of contacts that you can find a co-host in? Do you have a great sense of humor? Do you have a knack for creating beautiful PowerPoint presentations? Are you good with a camera?

Lean into your natural strengths, and if you feel like you would benefit from another host go for it!  

Why should we trust you? 

One of the most difficult aspects of hosting webinars is trying to earn your audience’s trust that your webinar’s information is worth retaining. A great webinar host establishes trust in their Presenter Bio and Profile Image, which will be the potential registrant’s first impression of you as the host.

I recommend writing a bio for yourself and asking someone whose opinion you trust to read it and tell you if they would trust you based on this description. It’s hard to give an unbiased report on your personal description so when in doubt, get a second opinion!

And finally, would you watch a webinar about your chosen topic? 

Congratulations on picking a topic! Now it’s time to ask one of the most important and more overlooked questions about webinar generation can save everyone a lot of time: Is your topic interesting enough to generate an audience? Would you tune in if someone was giving a presentation about this topic?

If you have doubts, ask around or better yet search the BigMarker explore tab to see what other public webinars are being broadcasted and see if your topic stands up to the competition.  

If you’re ready to start hosting your own webinar meetings, BigMarker can help. To start your 7-day free trial, click here. Or, to get in touch, send us a message!