A Few Tips to Enhance your Web Conferencing Skills

With the invention of free webinar software the corporate world has undergone a few changes in the way it functions. Presentations can now be attended from any corner of the world, negating the geographical and time zone challenges. Because of this, the corporate norm of attendees present in conference rooms has shifted, making it possible to save valuable time in an otherwise busy schedule.

Web conferencing

Although video conferencing services enable you to conduct a meeting virtually from any corner of the world, one needs to undergo a certain amount of preparation in order to give that impeccable presentation!

Here are some handy and important tips to present yourself professionally during a video conference:

  1. Practice makes perfect!

Just how you would prior to your face-to-face meeting, you need to prepare for a video meeting as well. Ask a friend or colleague to conduct a mock web meeting. This will give you a first-hand experience of the challenges that you may face, during the final make or break meeting.

  1. Suit Up!

‘The first impression is the last impression’ holds true for corporate meetings so it is critical to dress yourself in appropriate business attire. Although your upper half is prominently visible, that cannot undermine the importance of a complete, professional outfit. Choose a formal shirt of a neutral, mild color that will soothe the viewers’ eyes. Wear a tie and formal trousers or a work-appropriate blouse and blazer or dress to complete your attire for the meeting.

  1. The Bigger Picture

They may not be vocal about it, but the person with whom you are conversing will probably notice an untidy background. This may end up creating a negative impression. Thus, make sure to clean the location before you start. Also, it is always better to sit in front of a wall darker than your complexion, and maintain an optimum amount of light with no background noise/disturbances to make yourself completely visible and audible.

  1. Break The Ice

A good introduction is key when beginning your web conference. Make sure you pronounce the name of dignitaries properly. Even though the person talking to you knows you, introducing yourself will help ease the atmosphere and commence the meeting on a positive note.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Always retain a steady eye contact while you speak. Remember to look in the camera with a subtle gesture. This will communicate confidence and assurance.

  1. Body Language

Note that your body language will be noticed by the person sitting on the other side of the camera. Your body language conveys as much as your presentation, so be careful of the movements you make!

  1. A Proper Goodbye

Before you conclude the meeting, make sure you have touched upon all the agendas of the meeting. Also, assert your interest for another meeting. It will communicate your inclination to take the professional relationship forward.

Keep these tips in mind while you prepare yourself for virtual meetings. It will make sure that you impress the viewer with your video meeting presentation skills!