5 Reasons to Use Automated Webinars as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Use Automated Webinars for Lead Generation and Marketing Strategy

Have you used automated webinars as part of your existing marketing strategy? If you have not considered them to be a priority, there is a lot of missed opportunity you may have not adequately explored!

Automated webinars take regular webinars a step further by offering an on-demand version of a webinar online at any time. Essentially, this is a video anyone can watch either from your website or social media pages. Automated webinars are an excellent way to engage with prospects and clients when they have the time, versus scheduling a time for a live webinar that you hope fits a broad range of schedules.

Automated webinars sometimes receive flack for lack of substance and audience engagement, but like any video, it is all in the effort of your production! If you have a monotone speaker talking through equally boring PowerPoint slides, you’re right – the webinar will not be well received.

Pulling together a cohesive and engaging automated webinar can be a big task, but well worth it! Take a look at our list of 5 reasons you should make automated webinars a part of your marketing strategy!

  1. You’ll Save Time
  2. Presentation is Always Available
  3. Always-On Lead Generation Tool
  4. Easily Sharable
  5. More Face Time

#1) You’ll Save Time

Live webinars can be a BIG time-suck! You need to build registration landing pages, send reminder follow-ups, thank you email follow-ups, schedule dry-runs with your speaker, and so on. And should you decide to run that live webinar for the second time, you must do it all over again!

The beauty with an automated webinar is that you just have to produce it once, well, until you get it right anyway. You plan, practice, and then execute and place on website and share on social media. And one of the best things is that you’re not running against the clock.

With a live webinar, you already have a date scheduled, and once you put out the registration page and people start registering no matter how swamped you or your speakers are with other priorities, this live webinar is happening! With an automated webinar, you are not running against a ticking clock; you put the video out there when it is fully baked, optimized and ready for viewing!

#2) Presentation is Always Available

A huge benefit of an automated webinar is that it is always available. From your website to your social pages like YouTube and Facebook. If prospects are researching your company and doing their homework, they will be able to find these videos and watch when their schedule allows, versus trying to accommodate a live webinar time.

Automated webinars are a marketing tool that will continue to be out there in the world, ready for prospects to start watching and learning about your company. Outside of website pages, there are very few marketing activities that are “always on” like automated webinars.

Pro Tip: an automated webinar is a great asset to place on your homepage, front and center. If you have a webinar that is doing really well, you’re hearing great feedback and bringing in tons of leads on top of that – optimize your efforts by putting the automated webinar on your main page where all the web traffic is!

#3) Always-On Lead Generation Tool

With the presentation being always on and available for prospects, that also means you have an always-on lead generation tool. An engine that doesn’t quit! With automated webinars, you still have a registration page, which is how you capture prospects information.

When looking at your marketing strategy, being able to optimize projects and initiatives that are almost “set-it-and-forget-it” are key to being able to grow your inbound lead numbers, and in turn increase revenue for the business. Having strategies like this allow for reoccurring incoming leads and allows your marketing team more time for initiatives that may be one-off events like conferences, trade shows or even a live webinar event, when they make sense.

Pro tip: as mentioned above, make sure these automated webinars are in a place where prospects can find them. This is key to ensuring your automated webinars pull in those inbound leads!

Automated webinars are an always-on lead generation tool

#4) Easily Sharable

Automated webinars are easily shareable! Unlike a live webinar, you cannot share that content as easily, or even if you can share the context might be lost if you didn’t participate in the live event.

When a prospect is viewing an automated webinar, if they like what they see and find value in the content they are more likely to share the video via their social networks or shoot an email to their boss with the link to watch. Automated webinars are not built to be live, so anyone can watch them and understand the purpose! Which makes sharing more likely.

#5) More Face Time with Automated Webinars

Our final reason that automated webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy is more face time! Meaning, you literally can have more “face” time with your prospects.

Whether it is someone from your team speaking on the webinar, your CEO or an industry expert. The more a prospect can see a face that ties back to your company, the more “Real” and personable your company seems. Which is another reason you need to make sure to pick your automated webinar speakers wisely.  Your speakers should convey the “brand voice” that has been set as part of your brand standards.

Having personable and quality driven automated webinars are a great asset to have throughout the buyer’s journey. An automated webinar might start out as a lead generation tool, but if you develop content that speaks to the whole buying process and you use the videos in nurturing campaigns, you’ll be more likely to get prospects to stick with you as you’ve now become a relatable company in their eyes.

Quick Tips

With these 5 reasons in mind to make automated webinars a part of your marketing strategy, here are a few quick tips on how to create an exceptional automated webinar to heed these positive results:

  1. Can’t stress this enough – thoroughly vet your speakers! You need someone who has a strong and interesting personality to fully capture a listener’s attention and have someone who is ideally presentable on camera.
  1. Have a strong call to action in your automated webinar. Your prospects need to know: A) why they are watching this automated webinar, and B) what to do after the webinar is over. The goal in an automated webinar is to drive a prospect down your unique buyer’s journey. Your prospect likely doesn’t know next step, but you do, so be sure to share it! And try to make your call to action clickable at the end of the automated webinar, whether that leads them to a form to schedule a product demo or a link to an interesting eBook.
  1. Keep the automated webinar interesting – since this is NOT a live event, you need to keep the webinar short, concise and engaging. Don’t just be a talking head, or worse – don’t just show a deck of PowerPoint Slides. Go back and forth between your webinar speaker, minimal text PowerPoint Slides and perhaps a demo of your product.
  1. The content you share in your automated webinar will make or break if the prospect continues to engage with your company. Remember that the content should be about the prospect and not about you! Take the time to consider what sort of content would be interesting for people that your product or service is a fit for, and how can this content help them. That should be the purpose of your webinar. For example, an automated webinar titled, “How this Product Can Save Your Marketing Team 50,000 a Year” would draw some attention for sure!
  1. Don’t skimp on production costs. If you want your automated webinar to truly be a lead generation tool as part of your marketing efforts, make sure you use quality tools to build your webinar. If your automated webinar looks like it was built in a basement, you aren’t doing yourself any favors! Take the time to vet automated webinar solutions. It will pay off in dividends! People judge on quality, if you offer a quality product but your marketing looks outdated or poorly executed, prospects likely think that your product follows suit.

Final Thoughts

Automated webinars are a viable way to scale your marketing efforts in 2017 and beyond. The goal of any marketing team is to drive inbound marketing leads and turn these leads into customers. Automated webinars are a tool that can and should be used throughout the different stages of the buyer’s journey to drive this initiative.

In this day and age, videos are more popular than ever with a large percentage of people preferring video oven written text. Grab these individuals with valuable automated webinars at a time that fits their schedule and current stage in the buyer’s journey.

Finally, automated webinars allow a prospect to determine the next step, sure you can suggest the next call to action, but if they aren’t feeling it, then they can just turn off the video. You are giving more power to the prospects to do their homework and reach out when they are ready, which is what a buyer wants with all the noise in the market today. Automated webinars are for the prospect, give them what they want!

If you’d like to integrate automated webinars into your content marketing strategy, look no further. BigMarker is a robust, easy-to-use webinar software that will help you host amazing live and simu-live online events. To start your free 7-day trial, sign up here. Or, if you’d like to get in touch, send us a message.


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