Become a Webinar Wizard: 5 Keys to Success

Become a Webinar Wizard

Have a Plan

The first step to a successful webinar is to get a strategy in place. You need to ask yourself several key questions. Why am I hosting a webinar? Who is my target audience? What are my goals? What am I going to cover and how? While your ultimate goal may be to make a sale don’t use your webinar as a hard sales pitch, you’re likely to lose your audience. Providing useful content that is relevant to your audience will keep them coming back.

It’s All About the Title

Your title is critical in getting people to attend your webinar. You want your title to be engaging and give a clear picture of what someone will gain from coming to your webinar. When crafting your title you should consider; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. While you want your title to be informative you should also keep it brief. A brief catchy title that is informative is a must for a successful webinar.

Timing is Everything

You want to strategically schedule your webinar to maximise attendance. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually the best days of the week to host a webinar. Try to avoid holidays and the day before or after a holiday.  You will also want to consider what else might be going on in your space at the same time as your webinar. For example, if there is a trade show happening that your target audience is likely to attend it’s not the best time to host a webinar.

Time of day is also a key factor. You’ll want to think about where your target audience is located. Lunch time is usually a good time to maximize attendance. If your audience comes from multiple time zones try to choose a time that would be convenient across time zones. For example, Noon Central is late enough on the West Coast and early enough on the East Coast to be convenient for all attendees.

Promotion is an Imperative

Those seats aren’t going to fill themselves! It’s critical to promote your webinar.  While social media is a low-cost way to reach a large audience it’s not a magic bullet and shouldn’t be your entire promotional plan.  You should  also advertise it on your website, utilize emails to reach your target audience, write blog posts and encourage others to share your content.

Content is King

A webinar should consist of 3 parts; introduction, key points, conclusion. It should be informative and engaging.

Make it visual.  A slide full of text is going to bore your audience. Use visuals to punctuate your points. Visuals will keep your audience much more engaged in what you are saying.

Keep text to a minimum. Your presentation should not be you reading verbatim from your slides.  Slide text should be short and highlight the key point you are making.

Engage with your Audience! People attend live webinar because they want to engage with the presenter. Poll questions are a great way to engage your audience and make your presentation interactive.  Saving time for live Q&A is also important.