How to be Awesome in Video Conference Job Interviews

Technology has made things easily available and accessible. Today, tasks like taking interviews are easily conducted online with the help of various free video conferencing software.

While you may be kicked about that interview, it always helps to know a few dos and don’ts of an online interview. Here are few tips to keep in mind, which will help to prepare better for video conferencing interviews:

  1. Prepare Right

Preparation is the key for a successful interview. Keep a list of questions that the interviewer may ask you handy. As far as possible, make sure that you don’t err or stumble while answering their questions. Rehearsing will help you overcome the initial nervousness.

  1. Groom Yourself

Appear clean, tidy and professional. Wear colors that will appear good on camera. Avoid colors like red, orange or black as they appear ‘heavy’ on screen.

  1. Equip Yourself with relevant Documents

Keep all the required documents, papers, certificates etc. with you. In case the interviewer demands them, you can show them immediately. Also, keep a soft copy of your documents ready to be e-mailed to him.

  1. Keep Conversations to the Point

Revolve your conversation around the interview as much as possible. Avoid side conversations completely.

  1. Adequate Time to Respond

Allow your interviewer to complete his opinion. Dissecting him while talking may be annoying and it may end up hampering your prospects.

  1. Control Your Body

Your body language conveys a lot about you. Avoid swaying, rocking in your chair and nervously moving your fingers. Remember that the interviewer can see you.

  1. Camera Position

Position your camera at such an angle that your upper body is visible to the interviewer, and not just your face or chest.

  1. Smooth &Fluid Conversation

Keep the conversation simple and crisp. Talk to your interviewer with a smile as and when possible.

  1. Sign Off Politely

Remember to let the interviewer conclude the meeting.

Ask him about when you can get back to him. Allow the interviewer to first hang up the call.

With the help of web conferencing, let the physical distance not hold you back from chasing and accomplishing your dreams. With these small tricks, make the big impact and seize your moment!