Session 2 of Webinar Success Series to Zero in on B2B Marketing


Successful webinar hosting

Earlier this month, we kicked off our highly anticipated series of free webinar workshops with webinar expert, Ken Molay.

After drawing a crowd of over 1,000 viewers to his first session on hosting you first successful webinar, Molay will be returning to BigMarker on June 1st to host the second of his four-part educational webinar series.

The upcoming session entitled: Secrets of B2B Marketing Webinars, will zero in on the ways marketers can be more effective in their approach to hosting B2B marketing webinars and converting leads into paying customers.

“I will outline the key tasks that need to be accomplished when putting together a marketing webinar. You will learn how to involve personnel in your own company and external guest speakers to ensure a smooth and productive experience. We will look at aspects such as promotion and registration, preparation activities, and sales follow up. We will cover considerations for including video or live demonstrations in your webinars and see how they compare to PowerPoint presentations.” Explained Ken when we asked what attendees can expect to learn from this educational webinar.

As a former director of product marketing turned president of Webinar Success, Ken’s unique experience in the marketing and webinar fields makes him the perfect mentor for webinar hosts looking to optimize their B2B marketing strategy.

Is this upcoming marketing webinar right for you? We asked Ken who should attend this session.

“This seminar is appropriate for producers and presenters of business marketing webinars. It is valuable for those currently using webinars in their business and for those just getting started with webinars as a new marketing channel.”

So there you have it. A high-level marketing webinar that is suitable for anyone in the field. Regardless of your experience with marketing webinars, this workshop will provide valuable content to help you drive more results in your future B2B marketing webinars.

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