The Guide to Effectively Promoting Your Webinars on Social Media

promote webinars on social media

Are you planning to integrate webinar hosting into your marketing strategy? If so, you’re going to need to learn how to effectively promote webinars on social media and other online mediums if you want to get the attention of a large audience.

While promoting content on social media may seem easy, make sure you understand the following tips before embarking so you can make the most out of these online platforms.

It All Begins with What You’re Going to Cover

Webinars always have to have a compelling topic. This shouldn’t just be some requirement you check off your list, though. You should take plenty of time to decide on this topic, because it’s going to make or break your webinar hosting efforts.

The good news is that social media will provide you with plenty of guidance on what makes a solid webinar hosting topic. You can use all kinds of social media tools to find various topics that are trending in your industry or otherwise receive a lot of attention.

One other word of advice, here: don’t be too general.

Generalizing a topic is very tempting when it comes to webinars because of how long you have to speak for (usually 30 to 60 minutes). Unfortunately, the results are devastating. By trying to cover too general a topic, you’ll end up saying too little. People won’t feel like your webinar hosting was worth their time and it may even look like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Pick an Exciting Title

As you probably know, social media generally thrives on short messages. Even Facebook, where you can post paragraph after paragraph, usually works best with just quick snippets.

In the age of social media, our attention spans don’t last much longer than 140 characters and a photo or two.

What this means for your webinar hosting marketing efforts is that you had better have an amazing title for your program that grabs people’s attention and gives them an idea of what to expect. Just from the title alone, they should be chomping at the bit to see what you’re going to provide.

For example, let’s say you’re putting on a webinar to help freelance writers increase their monthly income.

You could call the webinar exactly that: “How Freelance Writers Can Increase Their Monthly Income.”

It’s definitely accurate; there’s no arguing that.

However, it’s not particularly exciting, is it? It might grab people’s attention, but do you think those people will count down the days until your webinar hosting? Because that’s exactly the reaction you want.

Instead, you would want to go with something like, “How I Doubled My Monthly Income as a Freelance Writer” or “How I Make $10k a Month as a Freelance Writer.”

Provided that these both accurately describe what you’ll be covering in your webinar, they are far more likely to grab someone’s attention on social media, even with countless other words competing for it.

Build Your Following

This is too broad a topic to cover here, but needless to say, even if you have a great topic and a compelling title, you still need to have followers or social media isn’t going to do much.

Depending on your timeline, it might be a bit too late. On the other hand, if you have some time before you do your webinar hosting, check out the following posts we recommend:

Whatever your situation, it’s definitely worth spending some time on your social media following so it will be there as a resource in the future.

Understand That Only About 25% of Attendees Will Actually Attend

This may seem like a disappointing statistic, but it’s not our intention to discourage you. A lot of people get higher rates and some people get lower ones. Your reputation and the size of your following – both things you can improve upon over time – will also have a big impact on these numbers. Some industries simply do better than others, too and, obviously, people who pay show up in higher numbers.

Anyway, the point is that you can’t get lackadaisical with your efforts. Even if you start seeing some encouraging responses from your social media efforts, you need to carry on with your marketing. Keep pushing and remind yourself that only about a quarter of those who sign up will actually attend.

make the most of social media twitter mentions about your webinar

Make the Most Out of Every Mention

Say, you’re marketing your webinar hosting efforts on Twitter and someone tweets you to let you know that they’ve signed up to attend.

This should be an automatic retweet. That should be a no-brainer. You want to show anyone watching that someone out there is, essentially, vouching for your product.

The concept at work here is called social proof. Simply put, it’s a form of influence that works when someone sees that other people like your product. It’s the principle at work when a restaurant has a line going down the block, so people naturally assume it must be good.

It should come as no surprise that social proof is an effective technique to use on social media.

Let People Know as Spots Fill Up

Speaking of social proof, another method you can utilize is to let your followers know as people sign up. Even if you don’t have a set limit on how many people can attend, letting people know that 100 spots have been taken – or any other large number – is more social proof.

It’s telling people, “X number of people have decided this webinar is a good idea.”

If you’ve done webinar hosting before, you can compare numbers, too. For example, you might say, “We’ve already exceeded the number of people who signed up for our last webinar and it’s only been a week!”

Again, as much as possible, let your followers know that other people believe your webinar hosting is a good investment.

Use Photos/Videos

Visuals work better on social media than just text. Ergo, you would do well to use images and videos when marketing your webinar hosting on social media.

This holds true across all industries, which is why you’ll often see companies post their text over some kind of picture. Even if the picture isn’t especially relevant, it will garner more shares.

Slides from your webinar will most likely make for effective images. This is a fantastic way to repackage a piece of media you’ve already paid for.

Videos can be extremely effective, as well. You can show a teaser for your webinar hosting or summarize one of the sections you plan on covering.

Periscope has become extremely popular with social media marketers because of how easy it is to stream/record a video. Even though the app is best known for live videos, they can also be watched by your audience later.

Using this app, you could hold an hour-long Q&A regarding the webinar on the topic you’re going to cover. There are all kinds of other ways to leverage videos, too, so get creative.

Use Unique Updates

Speaking of being creative, you don’t want to use the same update over and over when you’re advertising your webinar on social media.

Likewise, don’t turn your social media page into one ad after the next for your webinar hosting, no matter how unique each is.

Either mistake is going to turn people off. Repetitive messages make you sound desperate. This is another good reason to share other people’s decisions to sign up. These messages are both unique and the opposite of desperate because they show other people are already getting in line.

Pin Your Best Post

To ensure your posts are original enough, you should definitely consider writing out dozens of them at once so you can look them over. Treat them like any other form of content by taking them just as seriously.

Then, choose one to pin on your page. On social media, “pinning” a post means that it never moves from the top of your page no matter how many other posts come after it. This will make it easy for people to find the moment they click on your page.

Another way you can do this is by updating the picture on your social media profile, by changing it to something that references your webinar hosting. Admittedly, you don’t get a lot of space there, so you’ll have to be judicious, but the result will work much like a pinned post. Whenever you post to a platform, people will see a reminder.

Start Posting Amazing Content

Too many people forget about how important it is to post information that has nothing to do with their webinar hosting. We touched on mixing your posts up a bit, so it’s not just reminder after reminder, but you can also take things a step further.

High-quality content is what drives popularity on social media. You can read more about this in the links we posted above.

The point is that now is the time to post amazing content that makes people say, “Wow. This person/company really knows what they’re talking about. That was really helpful.”

If you blow people away with helpful posts and free information, they’re going to naturally assume that your webinar hosting will also be amazing. This is an extremely effective tactic if you’re charging people for your webinar hosting. You want people thinking, “If they’re giving this to me for free, the stuff they charge for must be worth it.”

Share the Process of Creating It

If you haven’t yet finished your webinar, you can optimize this process by sharing each step on social media.

Assuming you haven’t begun the creation process yet, you should begin by announcing to your following that you intend to do some webinar hosting.

Spend a week or two hyping this.

In fact, you could go even further back and tell your followers that you are going to do webinar hosting, but you’d like to know what people think would be a good topic. This type of crowdsourcing doesn’t just ensure you get a bunch of free ideas; it will also get more people interested, especially those whose ideas you’ve incorporated.

Then, once it’s time to actually start creating the content, rehearsing/recording it, coming up with slides, etc. you can post images and videos of doing so.

This is a lot like how movie studios often promote their films by providing glimpses of what happens behind-the-scenes. They can do this for months and months before the actual movie is released which gets people talking and builds their anticipation for the film.

Those who have a large following should be using Snapchat, too. This won’t be effective for everyone, but Snapchat has become a very powerful tool for promoting brands and building excitement for upcoming events.

create a webinar hashtag for social media


Create a Hashtag

This is another technique that will only work if you have a considerable following, but it definitely won’t hurt and it’s completely free to try.

Although they started with Twitter, hashtags have become commonplace across social media platforms. Create a unique one for your webinar hosting and every time someone clicks on it, they’ll see everyone who’s talking about your program.

Now, this sort of tactic is a bit of a gamble. For one thing, you’re actively handing over control of the conversation to the rest of the social media platform.

Also, if no one is talking about it, this will be negative social proof, which is never a good thing.

Still, a hashtag could be the tool that carries word of your webinar hosting to dozens or even hundreds of people who would have never heard of it before, so it’s worth thinking about. There’s a reason hashtags continue to get used: because they work so often.

Final Thoughts

The big takeaway from this article should be that it pays to begin thinking about how you’ll market your webinar hosting on social media early. The earlier you do, the more time you have to build up a following, crowdsource the topic idea, provide other forms of helpful content, share people’s responses and more.

That being said, there should be advice in this piece that you can use no matter where you are with marketing your webinar hosting.

Of course, if you want help executing these ideas or with anything else related to webinars, BigMarker is here to help. We specialize in showing companies how to monetize their knowledge and spread their word.