BigMarker Ranks #1 in Quality & Reliability Among Browser-based Webinar Platforms

While other browser-based webinar software providers give you a wrapper around someone else’s streaming technology (like YouTube or Tokbox), BigMarker provides a full-stack solution, built from the ground up for customer-facing webinars. The resulting vertically-integrated platform seamlessly delivers online events with lower latency, fewer drops, smoother video, crisper audio, and higher scalability. Give it a try…we think you’ll love it.

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Enterprise-grade Quality & Reliability

We’ve built BigMarker to withstand the scrutiny of the ambitious and demanding enterprises. Here are just a few of the core features powering reliability.

Full-Stack Streaming Service

Built from the ground-up, so we’re not reliant on suppliers or third-party networks. We control the streaming experience end-to-end.

Industry-leading Availability

Firewall mitigation and network traversal, combined with webcast mode and dial-in capabilities provide the highest availability among browser-based solutions.

Global Video Relay

Global network of video relay servers reduce latency and ensure delivery of consistent and reliable service to your audience on six continents.

High Definition Audio & Video

Audio and video streaming capability up to full HD (1080p) ensures your audience sees you content as you intend it.

Stream Optimization

R&D in stream synthesis and synchronization will allow for even stronger stream quality in the near future. 

Enterprise-grade Security

Industry-standard encryption and features keep your content secure as it is transmitted to your audience.

But Don't Take Our Word For It.

Here’s what our customers have to say on the top review sites


Capterra by Gartner

5 stars   ·  Webinar Software


GetApp by Gartner

4.8 stars   ·  Webinar Software


G2 Crowd

4.7 stars   ·  Webinar Software

"BigMarker is the solution we finally settled on after going through a LOT of other webinar software. You don't have to be a huge nerd to set it up. The biggest pro is that it just works."
Lakshay B.
Validated Reviewer
"No downloads, multi-continent server choice for international businesses, ongoing development of new tools, incredible support, brilliant innovation. It's hard to imagine better."
Alana J.
Validated Reviewer
"I love that my attendees don't have to download anything. They just load the webinar or meeting in their browser. They are a true Enterprise solution and are constantly upgrading the product."
Jamie L.
Validated Reviewer