Storytelling As A Tool For Effective Webinars

Webinars are an excellent means of reaching out to one’s clients and customers in the most cost-effective way. However, designing a webinar is not an easy task. It requires careful consideration of the needs and interests of the audience.

This necessitates the use of innovative tools and techniques to make web conferences as interesting as possible. After all, an effective webinar is one which is able to comprehensively engage its audience from the very beginning all the way till the end. One of the most reliable tools that never fails to captivate an audience is the art of storytelling.

In the context of a webinar or free web conferencing session, storytelling specifically refers to the use of narrative techniques. Stories and narratives when used effectively can result in a webinar that is interesting and engaging. Here are 5 simple reasons why storytelling techniques deserve consideration when designing a webinar.

  1. Storytelling is a great way to capture attention.

Use stories smartly as part of the carrot and stick strategy. A relevant story can instantly grab the interest of the audience, and create an element of anticipation. It essentially serves as the “carrot” on the stick as it entices the audience to invest themselves in what you are saying.

  1. Storytelling is interactive.

This might seem counterintuitive, but the act of listening to a story or narrative is not a passive activity. It is active and requires the focus of the audience on the narrator. The narrator or speaker must then capitalize on this attention and translate it into some form of dialogue.

  1. Storytelling is thought-provoking.

Stories are great vehicles for messages. A message might not sound useful if delivered blatantly to an audience, but, when told within a story, it has higher chances of invoking thoughtful consideration.

  1. Storytelling is persuasive.

Stories have the power to stimulate people emotionally. When facts are presented within a meaningful framework of events, they become more convincing.

  1. Storytelling is memorable.

The best thing about a story is that one remembers it long after one has heard it. This makes it a valuable tool in a webinar host’s arsenal. Important facts or messages that are conveyed within a narrative or alongside a story or anecdote have a higher chance of recall than a bland statement.

Storytelling in an online conference is a technique which provides an imaginative experience to the audience, instead of just feeding them the facts. It also entertains the audience while gently luring them into a state of active participation. When used wisely, storytelling is an extremely useful illustrative tool that will not only enhance the quality of your webinar but drive audience engagement too!