Tips to take your Webinar from Good to Awesome

Webinars have opened the doors for a plethora of opportunities. They have made lectures and training sessions a lot easier by presenting them live on the internet. These days, webinars are enhanced with slick PowerPoint presentations, video clips, live questions, and and much more. If done correctly, a webinar can help generate leads, face-to-face connections, and boost the sales of your business or organization.

  1. Pay attention to the time spent: An effective webinar is best when it’s 60 minutes or less. If it exceeds an hour, you’ll most likely start to bore your audience, test their patience, or have them drop off altogether. It’s important to check the start time in different time zones if you are catering to a worldwide audience or a particular part of the world.
  1. Choose an area that is quiet: An area that is noiseless plays a super vital role in webinar hosting. You want your audience to be able to hear you and not be a part of constant chatter and disturbance. A soundproof room would be perfect! Also, if are planning on hosting webinars frequently, an investment in high quality audio and video equipment is worthwhile. Furthermore, ensure everything has been tested beforehand to avoid problems during your webinar.
  1. Registration fees should be economical or free: Don’t overcharge for registration. In fact if you aren’t well known or just started hosting, free is the way to go. The idea of using a webinar service and to host webinars is to impart knowledge and make it an enriching experience and interactive for those in attendance. Revenues come second. That being said, once you’ve established value or a core audience, you can start charging for more intimate or in-depth sessions.
  1. Include more than one presenter: Having more than one presenter adds to the charm of a webinar. Make sure this presenter is full of energy, knowledgeable and has a magnetic personality that keeps the audience glued. It can liven the conversation and help make it more interactive. It also doesn’t hurt if they’re tech savvy.
  1. Make it interactive: A good webinar with video conferencing is one that leaves plenty of time for attendants to ask questions. Moreover, another aspect of making it awesome is to give the attendants a chance to send in their feedback, and share their camera or microphone.
  1. Make use of social media channels: Social media is everywhere. Using social media is a practical and feasible promotional tool for small as well as medium-sized businesses. If done correctly, i.e. making use of hashtags, promoting blog posts, etc. can help you reach millions of users in a short span of time. However, don’t limit your promotion to only social media.
  1. Hold a free video conferencing event: The economy is global. A free video conferencing event can empower your business, reach new customers, and give it global recognition. In return, you reach a larger audience while providing an opportunity to connect remote employees with potential clients.

Here’s hoping the above was more or less a checklist for webinar hosting. If you’re interested in starting your 7-day free trial with Big Marker sign up here.