Top 3 Must-Watch Business Webinars on BigMarker


Any business requires you to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. If you are a new business owner who is testing the waters with your idea, we have a few webinars that might help you with this endeavor.

If you’ve missed these webinars don’t worry, there is a recorded version available and the best part is that it’s free! Make the most of these videos and maybe you’ll figure out a way to make it big.

All you need is a little inspiration.

Here are a the top 3 free webinars that might help you with your venture:

  1. The Top 3 Ways I Grew The Founding Moms Into An International Brand

If you are starting from scratch, trying to make a fancy hat one hay straw at a time, then Jill Salzman knows what you are talking about. Her webinar explores how the resources around you can help you build an idea into something big. Her story might be the inspiration you were looking for.

  1. Create Your Marketing Pitch to Land That Promotion, Project, or New Job with Q&A

You’re in an elevator with an investor, you have to sell your business idea to him in less than 2 minutes, what do you do? That’s the test of how good you are at making a marketing pitch. Believing in your idea is not enough, you need to master the art of selling it as well. Kara’s webinar might give you some insight into developing yours.

  1. Creating Extraordinary Careers – Q&A with Stever Robbins

Starting out has never been easy. If you’ve been in the same field all your life, it might be the right next step for you. However, if you get an idea out of the blue, it might be your calling. Before you start recruiting for your startup, you must ask yourself some important questions to ensure that you are ready for this transition. Stever’s webinar can help you make up your mind.

Once you’ve got your business or start-up running, don’t forget to use webinar hosting to reach out to your audience. All the best! Sign up for your free 7-day trial of BigMarker today!