Webinar Expert, Ken Molay, to Host Webinar Series on BigMarker


In preparation for his much anticipated webinar series, we sat down with webinar expert, Ken Molay, of Webinar Success and The Webinar Blog to learn about his background and what’s in store for this upcoming webinar project.

Ken Molay, Webinar Success

Webinar success series hosted by Ken Molay


  1. What is your upcoming webinar about?  

On May 18 I’ll be talking about the basics of hosting and delivering webinars for first timers. I’ll include tips covering budgeting, key tasks, skill sets that are needed, and understanding technology features.

  1. Who should attend this webinar? And why? 

This is for anyone who is considering using webinars for business, whether for marketing, sales, training, public outreach, or employee communications. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a large corporation, a small Mom-and-Pop business, a non-profit, or a government organization… I’ll be keeping my information relevant for all use cases.

There are a lot of educational events where you can feel intimidated that you don’t have the same background and experience as other attendees, so you are afraid of asking questions that are too basic. That’s why I wanted to avoid… This will be an opportunity to pick up fundamental principles and terminology that will help you get started with webinars.

Oh, and I won’t be selling anything. At the end of the webinar you will NOT be invited to buy a book, or a training course, or services. I hate those kinds of bait-and-switch webinars!

  1. You are going to do a series of these webinars correct? How do you see the series helping people going forward?   

Yes, I will be presenting a variety of topics through the month of June. Some topics are general for all types of webinars… for instance on June 29 I will talk about ways to make your webinars more engaging and interactive. Some are more narrowly focused on marketing, since that is such a common use for webinars (and also a part of my own business background). People will be able to get tips on improving their marketing content, promotional effectiveness, and lead conversion rates.

  1. Can you let us know a little about yourself? How did you get into helping people and companies with webinars?      

Whew! I’ve been around the block a few times, so there is a lot of back story there. I started out with an engineering degree and a lot of work with computer programming. So I have a good understanding of the technical side of web conferencing. I spent five interesting years as an international tour director, which honed my public speaking skills and gave me good insights on presenting in an engaging and entertaining manner. Then I moved into product marketing, where I first started using webinars as a way to get sales leads, conduct customer communications, and interact with industry analysts. I noticed that guest speakers from our own company and from partner organizations often had trouble being effective on webinars where they could not directly see and interact with their audiences. This led me to form my own company 12 years ago – Webinar Success. My goal has been to provide training, consulting, and support services purely focused on making webinars better for both presenters and attendees, while making them more effective for the companies hosting them.

  1. What was it like starting Webinar Success and The Webinar Blog? How are you hoping to help people long term?

When I created Webinar Success in 2004, I made a conscious decision to run it as a personal “labor of love.” I do everything myself… Marketing, accounting, web site copy, client relations, and every minute of service. I wanted to ensure that my clients would never suffer from being assigned a new employee with less experience or have to re-explain something to a replacement for an employee who has left the company. This limits the amount of business I take on and keeps me laser-focused on keeping my clients happy. My business goals have never been about growth. They are about doing what I love and making enough money to be comfortable while doing it. That has worked out great for me, and for some of my clients where I have ended up being the one constant over the years in their webinar programs as their own employees have come and gone.

The Webinar Blog is my way to give back to the business community with best practices, opinions, industry news, and occasional reviews related to webinars and webcasts. I write it myself and run it much like my business… I accept no outside advertising and have no referral arrangements or kickbacks from webinar technology vendors. I hope people find it helpful and interesting!


To register for Hosting Your First Successful Webinar, Register Here! To register for the entire series, visit the Webinar Success channel.