Webinar Mistakes That Are Boring Me to Tears!

Dear Webinar Presenters and Hosts,

Video conferencing can be an influential tool to build a community of similar interests, establish thought leadership, and even cultivate and develop sales leads. But few webinar hosts seem to be making the most of the various webinar tools available. As someone who has attended one too many boring, static webinars, if you want to make yours worth my time, here are some things you probably ought to work on.

First and foremost, you hold a 60-minute webinar or free web conferencing event and don’t even bother making it interactive! Like seriously? I want to be engaged, with video, audio and other interactive elements. I’m not attending a webinar to just her someone yap the entire time. I want active participation, a Q&A session, polls, chatting. If not, I may as well just watch a recording. Webinars don’t have to be boring, so let’s not make it.

Secondly, what is with the constant sales pitches? Every other minute is not an opportunity for you to push products down my throat. Help me understand things and I might stick around for another session. Don’t just try to up sell me, teach me something useful now. The over the top branding, is just that, over the top. I appreciate that you are trying to make a living, but when in doubt – go subtle or go home.

The other thing I will say is that too much text on your PowerPoint kills all the excitement of a live event. I don’t quite get the idea of having so much text on slides. If I want to read, I’ll go to the library. Too much text gets really boring, real quick. I want some visuals, images, infographics, and maybe a YouTube clip, not just plain boring text. The slides are supposed to enhance a presentation, not literally spell it out.

I also love interactive Q&A sessions. I love honesty too. So, if you think you don’t know the answer, it’s absolutely fine, but don’t just stop the question and answer round completely. You can always follow-up after the event or post answers on the conference page or community bulletin or even an email.

Polls are another feature that I love about a webinar service. Polling allows me to have a voice in a webinar’s direction or content, and enhances engagement throughout. In fact, polls help us “attendees” feel like we have been a vital part of the webinar. At the same time, please, please don’t do a poll just to see if I’m awake. I’d like to get my brain working and know that the poll holds some value and isn’t just being used to take attendance. If your webinar is interesting and interactive, I’ll participate.

So how about hosting a webinar or web/video conferencing or webcast that not only helps us “attendees” enhance our knowledge, but gives you a valuable, vibrant, and interactive way to communicate. Please?