The 13 Benefits of Using Webinar Software to Host Online Classes

The 13 Benefits of Using Webinar Software to Host Online Classes

If you have a desire to teach, then you should know that using webinar software to host online classes comes with a number of unique advantages worth exploring.

We’ve provided you with the top 13 benefits to teaching online classes via webinar below:

1. There is no limit to the number of students you can accept

While this is the type of problem most teachers can only hope for, the fact is that teaching a class in person means that you may not be able to accommodate all the students who wish to attend. After that, you just have to hope they sign up for the next time you’re offering the class or you’ve just missed out on more money. (If the class is free, you may still miss out on potential students.)


2. Online classes have zero room restrictions, so you’re never limited

Of course, you may decide to cut off registration at a certain point simply so you’re able to give individual attention as necessary, but the number you choose will be completely up to you.


3. Students can attend from anywhere in the world

The other side of benefit #2 is that you can accept students from anywhere in the world. They don’t have to be a local to become a student. They don’t even have to be a citizen in the same country as yours.

Again, this is going to mean that you can receive more students for each class you hold.

It also means that you can market your class to people from all over the world, too. You’re dealing with a much larger pool of potential students.

All this might seem obvious. What probably isn’t obvious is that by being able to market to anyone in the world, you stand a much better chance of finding potential hotspots you would otherwise have missed if you could only accept local attendees.

For example, if you were teaching a course on the history of European art, you might be surprised to learn that the topic is very popular in Asia, simply because this type of art is much less common.

If you could only teach the course to people who could attend in person in the West, you’d miss out on this very promising income stream.


4. You can record online classes

Use webinar software to record online classes

Live online classes are great for a number of reasons, but sometimes they’re inconvenient for some people to attend, especially when you cater to a global audience.

For this reason, we recommend you use webinar software to record your online classes so they can be watched on-demand.

Obviously, this isn’t something you could easily do with in-person classes. Even if you did, the equipment costs would be significant and you’d still need software to upload the recording to your website.


5. Your Online Classes Can Teach People While You’re Fast Asleep

Once you’ve recorded your online classes, you can put them online and people can watch them whenever they want. This means your students can be learning at any time, even while you’re fast asleep.

This is a far better use of your time. It also accommodates your students’ time much better, too.

Again, the end result is that you can welcome more students into your course. If you plan on charging for your classes, this is going to make a very profitable difference.


6. Online Classes Can Become a Source of Passive Income

As we just mentioned, you’re probably thinking about charging for your online classes. Sure, you can offer classes for free in the hopes that they work as a sort of marketing funnel, but it’s also worth thinking about how much you could make by charging people to attend your course.

If you use webinar software and record your classes, you don’t even have to work to make money. Once your class is recorded and you’re happy with it, you can share it online and charge people to watch while, once again, you’re busy doing something else.

The class can continue to make you money for as long as it’s relevant.

In fact, a lot of teachers use webinar software to record their classes and then spend their free time marketing it to increase its exposure and how many customers they can charge.


7. Students Can Still Ask Questions During Online Classes

Interactive webinar software for online classes

There’s no doubt that students need the option to ask questions in order to get the most out of a class. Perhaps you were thinking about this as you read our advice to record your online classes and offer them 24/7/365.

Did you wonder how students would be able to get answers to the questions they had?

If so, remember that, if you use the right webinar software, you can host a live class with students watching and make it possible for them to send you their questions, record it, and then offer it online later. Q&A sessions at the end of webinars are extremely popular.

Whether you decide to do this or not, you can also provide your students with an email address they can send their questions to. You just have to make sure you reply promptly.

Over time, consider putting together a FAQ of the questions you tend to get the most from students. This should help cut down on the number of emails you get while still keeping your students happy.

No matter how you plan to handle this matter, the important thing is that you’re still able to interact with people who sign up for your class and may have questions.


8. It’s Easier to Monitor Success Rates with Online Classes

Another very distinct advantage you’ll get from using webinar software to host your online classes is that it becomes much easier to monitor your success rates.

Traditionally, it can be difficult to know if you’re doing well teaching your class. There are things like attendance rate and grades, of course, but those still leave a huge gray area. Even handing out feedback forms usually won’t bring you the type of responses you can really use to improve as a teacher.

Webinar software can give you extremely helpful analytics, though.

Aside from the basics (e.g. how many people registered to attend vs. how many people actually did), you can also find out if/when people left your class from the engagement statistics your webinar software provides.

Most students can’t or won’t do this in real life. They might physically be present, but their minds are miles away. As such, you have no idea that your presentation of the material isn’t very engaging. You probably won’t find out until it comes time to do some grading and it becomes clear there’s an issue.

If you use webinar software, you’ll know where you need to improve as a teacher. As time goes on, you can expect far better engagement rates. You should also see more and more people sign up for your classes as word spreads about just how effective you are as a teacher.

For those of you who are offering a class for free as a means of marketing a product or service you’ll offer at the end, analytics are also very important. Webinar software will help you boost engagement and profitability. You can also use it to decide what your future investment will be on classes so you’re not sinking yourself with unnecessary overhead.

9. Online Classes are Great for Teachers Who Hate Public Speaking

Teaching and speaking in front of a large group of people tend to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, not everyone who loves sharing their knowledge with others also loves getting up in front of those people.

Obviously, if you’re using webinar software to host online classes, you’re not standing directly in front of a huge crowd.

However, if you’re lucky, a huge crowd will be “attending” from all over the world. The very thought of this might be enough to get your pulse racing.

As we’ve already mentioned, though, using webinar software means you can simply record your class and post it online later.

If you take this route, then there’s really no one around when you’re actually “teaching.” You’re just talking to your computer. If you don’t like how you said something, go back and redo that line. Rehearse as many times as you want without ever having to worry about messing up in front of a crowd or stage fright otherwise getting the best of you.

10. Hosting Online Classes Is Far More Affordable Than Holding Them in Person

High-quality webinar software – the kind you’ll want to use for your online classes – is going to cost money, but you’ll find it’s still more affordable than the costs that come with offering courses in person.

For one, you’d have to rent space.  You may even need to spend money on making sure that space has seating.

Then there are all the profitable advantages we’re covering in this piece. Foregoing those will definitely cost you.

Therefore, despite the fact that webinar software will actually make it easier to make money from your online classes, it’s also going to be cheaper than the traditional approach to teaching.


11. Online Classes Are Becoming the Norm

It wasn’t all that long ago that learning through a webinar format was almost unheard of. However, that has definitely changed. Nowadays, almost everyone has gone through some type of course online before.

Whether it was for college credits, a class their employer made them take, or something they did in their free time for their own reasons, webinars are the norm.

In fact, whole colleges have sprung up around the idea of providing courses to students from all over the world. Don’t be surprised to see this trend continue.

What this means for you is that you shouldn’t avoid offering online classes because you’re worried about what people will think. While some of your students may definitely be attending an online course for the first time, those people are in the minority. Most have already been through several.


12. Webinar Software Will Give Your Online Classes a Truly Professional Feel

Not only do you not need to worry about online classes being a turn-off to your potential classes, but you can actually use this type of platform to position yourself as a high-quality source of information.

Webinar software will give your online classes a truly professional feel. For one thing, as we already covered, you can wait until you’re happy with your presentation before you actually put it online, which means you can make numerous efforts to give off the professional feel you want.

The right webinar software will also help with the very presentation in terms of how it looks and how your market engages with it. You can optimize this professional feel with your entire marketing funnel, too.


13. You Can Use Online Classes to Boost Your Perceived Authority

If you’ve been in education for a while, you know that there are only a couple of ways to truly boost your professional profile.

The first would be to get work published in your field and have it receive glowing reviews from your contemporaries.

The other is to publish a work (usually a book) that has a decent chance of reaching potential students so they can judge for themselves how qualified you are.

While it might still be worth chasing these options, neither can compete with using webinar software to create online classes and then marketing them online.

Again, as people can attend your course from anywhere in the world, you can use everything from social media to PPC to guest posts to grab your market’s attention.

Aside from giving you a shot at far more students, being seen all over like this can dramatically increase the authority you’re perceived to have in your field. Obviously, this could be worth a lot of money.

Webinar software isn’t just user-friendly; it also comes with all the benefits we just covered above. Still, if you’d like help making the most out of one of these platforms, contact BigMarker for help.