Why humor is a medical webinar's best friend

A witty caption that most people from the medical industry will relate to like “someone once told me, if you want to succeed in med school, there is just two things to remember – don’t fall in love and don’t fall behind.”

Humor is an essential asset not just in life but especially in life care services. So when like-minded people get together to attend a medical webinar it’s important that as a host, you put your funny scrubs on.

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Here’s why humor is the best friend any medical webinar should have.

Helps you get across your message

Saving and changing lives requires people in the medical to be resilient and thick skinned. People from the medical field see and hear misery for a lifetime. The best way to get your message across to them is with humor. Webinar hosting for medical events will be successful only if you are not afraid to play the devil’s advocate. Earnestness will kill your content so avoid it. People are looking for fun so give them that.

Not afraid to call a blind person blind

Doctors and medical staff have spent the better parts of their life studying the human anatomy. They are not afraid of body parts or ashamed of it. Drawing analogies between your content and these parts will only help them grasp what you are saying in a better way. So do not hesitate to tickle that funny bone.

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Enhances patient care

Most medical practitioners deal with patients who are tense and often anxious or sad. So when you want to get across to them, the best way might be to lighten the mood. And medical professionals know the importance of a light touch and value it. Keep that in mind when putting together your webinar.

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Character likeability  

Webinar hosting requires skill. It requires an exceptional level of expertise when your attendees are experts/doctors. For your content to be liked you have to be liked as well. So therefore humor comes to your rescue here as well. Everybody likes the funny guy, so be that person.

Helps swallow the bitter pill

Even the most creative infographics will lose their punch when it comes to medical facts and figures when hosting a free webinar. However, these numbers have to be used in your presentation. What will help these numbers from not getting lost in translation is putting a positive spin on them. Euphemisms and jokes are your best bet.

Be wary of your jokes being natural though. Do not force a joke or you may find yourself in a situation where you have to explain the humor. Avoid lacing each slide with slapstick comedy and offensive doctor jokes at all costs. Laugh with your audience instead of laughing at them.