Why are webinar services the best marketing tools for your small business?

It is a known fact that there is no fixed formula for a successful marketing campaign. A well thought out plan and its execution with all relevant resources has proved helpful repeatedly.

Webinars are one such resource. You can easily make use of them to promote not only the products and services that you offer but also your brand as a whole. Here are a few advantages of including webinars as a part of your marketing strategy for your small or medium size business.


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Marketing is different from advertising. What your small business needs is promotional activities rather than transactional ones. Seek the help of an expert to host or co-host a webinar with you. Or have a company sponsor your webinar. They will give you instant brand recognition, act as a brand ambassador, while in return give them publicity and access to your contacts. Together you can reach a newer, bigger audience.  Using webinar services  this way is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Enables interaction

Using a free webinar service or hosting a free web conference is a great way to interact and engage potential clients. Free webinars provide various wayts to interact with your audience or clients that webcasts or pre-recorded sessions don’t.  You can live chat with attendees or have them join in the discussion by sharing their webcams or microphones. This makes the experience and interaction much more personal, creating better more trustworthy relationships. After the webinar (if done well) the attendees will feel as though they already know you.

Cross promotion

Repetition and omnipresence is of the essence in any marketing activity. A great webinar service or platform provides opportunity to easily cross promote. You can gain a lot of traction for your marketing campaign by repeatedly promoting on the landing page of your webinar and vice versa. This includes posting links to your website and social media pages. Live tweeting during a webinar not only promotes the webinar, but your Twitter presence and page. Your blog can also play a crucial role. You can easily embed the link of the webinar or recording in your blog. Similarly, you can post the link of your blog in your presentation or in the chat area. In other words, don’t forget to include your webinars in your integrated marketing campaign.


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More conversions

Just by registering for your webinar, people are showing interest your brand, company or product. This gives you another opportunity to convert interest into loyalty or purchase before the webinar even happens. Reach out to registrants, ask them why the registered and what they want to learn. This allows you to focus the webinar’s according to that particular audience. Great free webinar services or feature full webinar plans allow hosts and organizers to reach their audience before, during and after the webinar. Doing so increases and extends the timeline for conversion exponentially.

elevator pitch

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The elevator pitch amplified

Every business requires you to have an elevator pitch. This pitch encompasses the what, when, where, why and how of your business, in a concise and clear way. A great free webinar service lets you explain every point in that pitch in a fun, interesting and meaningful way. Like Simon Sinek said, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

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